Notebook does not recognize the new hard drive what to do

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notebook does not recognize the new hard drive what to do

The notebook does not recognize the new hard drive solution one:

1. After the power on the hard drive no response

When the power is turned on and the laptop is started, the hard drive is found to be unresponsive and the hard drive cannot be found in the BIOS. If this happens, most of them are caused by a problem with the hard drive motor. At this time, should find a professional maintenance personnel for maintenance.

2. The sound of the hard drive making "clatter"

There is a problem with the head when a portable computer hard drive emits a "clatter" or other abnormal sound. At this time, should immediately shut down the notebook computer, the notebook computer to the professional repair site repair. Otherwise, your precious data will be gone for a while.

3. Cannot access data and cannot copy data

When you enter the operating system, you can see the data on your hard disk, but you cannot access the data, and you cannot copy the pasted data. In this case, you can basically determine if there is a bad track on your hard disk, or you may have a problem with your hard drive firmware. You can use the software to check the bad track to see if the hard drive has bad results.

4. The hard drive is running normally, the BIOS cannot detect

When the laptop is started, the hard drive is not detected in the BIOS, but the hard drive is functioning correctly. This situation is basically caused by a firmware problem, or it may be that the hard disk initialization information is lost. If this happens, the data will not be saved.

5. Hard Disk Error identification

When using a portable computer, it is found that the portable computer hard disk detected in the BIOS differs from the actual hard drive. This situation is due to the hard disk head offset, it is also possible that the hard disk firmware problems, resulting in hard disk error recognition.

The notebook does not recognize the new hard drive solution two:

Notebook does not recognize the hard drive, this phenomenon may have the following conditions: CMOS failure, virus-induced failure, the machine in use by a strong vibration caused by the hard drive connector line instability, hard disk physical damage.

Processing method:

One, CMOS caused by the fault

The correct type of hard disk in the CMOS (that is, the BIOS system) directly affects the normal use of the hard disk. Today's machines support the "IDE Auto Detect" feature, which automatically detects the type of hard disk. When the hard disk type is wrong, sometimes you simply cannot start the system. It is recommended that you check the BIOS settings to see if the hard drive is recognized.

Methods: Start the computer, press [F2] into the CMOS settings, click [MAIN], select [PRIMARY MASTER] to see if the state is in what state, if it is [NONE], the use of F5 and F6 to set up, change to auto can be.

Second, the virus destroyed the hard disk partition table, need to use special software tools, repair hard disk partition table (recommended by professional engineers to deal with)

Third, the hard drive connector to reseat. (Must be done by Samsung authorized repair Station)

Four, hard disk damage, replace the hard drive.


1, the product in the process of use, try not to vigorously tap the keyboard and mobile computers.

2, do not use the computer in the process of running the car.

3, the anti-virus software to carry out a regular upgrade.


1, start the screen can detect the hard drive, and not start, it means that the operating system is a possibility of a big problem

2, the Start screen can not detect the hard drive, that is the possibility of physical failure,

3, can give a screenshot of the splash screen.

Take it down to another computer anti-virus, and then put it up, if you can not identify your hard disk for a new one, not to other computers, with XP CD-ROM Reinstall if you can't find the hard drive then your plate is dead, not poisoned.

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