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OBS Source Analysis of a Obs Whole Project Obs
OBS Program Interface, program entry, QT based Libobs
Core integrated encapsulation of OBS, integrated encapsulation of all third party libraries Blake2
hash algorithm, which is said to be faster and safer than sha-1 Coreaudio-encoder
Audio capture, encapsulation of CoreAudio calls Ffmpeg-mux
For ffmpeg encapsulation, solution multiplexing File-updater
Automatic upgrades Frontend-tools get-graphics-offsets
Note the storage, through the virtual table offset to get D3d8,d3d9,dxgi function, so as to achieve API redirection, that is, with their own functions to replace the original function.
Of course also need to rely on interprocess communication, in win-capture, using pipe implementation.
The realization of two kinds of graphics card rendering, using GPU, freeing the CPU pressure, while improving rendering efficiency and quality. Use shader language rendering (fixed-point and slice shader, control position vector and color value respectively, interested students can learn more about). GPU Mapping Glad
OpenGL Encapsulation Graphics-hook
Hook graphics API, for crawling software windows Image-source
Picture resources, dynamic diagrams, multiple charts slide show Inject-helper
Inject graphices-hook into other processes. Ipc-util
Inter-process communication, mainly encapsulates the implementation of the pipe pipeline, used in the hook game process, the transmission of raw image data, so used. Jansson
JSON processing Libobs-d3d11 Libobs-opengl Lzma Media-playback Obs-ffmpeg obs-filters
Image filters, brightness, chroma, saturation, cutout Obs-frontend-api obs-outputs
Output module, recording flv,rtmp call obs-qsv11
Intel Hardware Code Obs-text
GDI + render Text obs-transitions
Toggle over effects between scenes Obs-vst obs-x264
x264 encoder rtmp-services
RTMP Push Stream text-freetype2
Open source font engine, supports multiple formats, more efficient than GDI + win32-pthreads win-capture
Windows, monitors, games (involving interprocess communication) capture Win-decklink
Aiming at the capture of Decklink acquisition card Win-dshow
Camera capture WIN-MF Win-wasapi
Crawl for sound input (microphone) output (speaker) devices

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