Official version of myeclipse 9.0, which provides a downloadable website (with activation method + Chinese package). The official myeclipse website cannot be opened (solution)

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Myeclipse 9.0 for Windows:





Myeclipse Official Website Cannot open (solution)

This is a proxy website that has been tested by myself to open the official myeclipse website (with the official website



After myeclipse 9.0 passes through m1 and m2, the official version is available (myeclipse for spring or 8.6.1 ). This version integrates eclipse 3.6.1 and supports HTML5 and javaee 6. This article is attached with relevant information. If you cannot download it, go to another location. The following are the platforms of the Standard Edition:
Myeclipse 9.0 for Windows:
Myeclipse 9.0 (Windows) file size: 948.91 MB MD5: 87df2ea0d6f3406b0a134e21e6384bd2

Myeclipse 9.0 for Linux:
Myeclipse 9.0 (Linux) file size: 942.55 MB MD5: c1dc1dc0a1e7e7ca23d35b841f4d225e

Myeclipse 9.0 for Mac:
Myeclipse 9.0 (MAC) file size: 726.42 MB MD5: 066b2a7eb92c4998ac853c9c8124c0f5

Myeclipse 9.0 archived Update site:
Myeclipse 9.0 (archived Update site) file 755.75 MB MD5: 910852212ce05790f0be831de809790c

Official Website custom function download installation (Netcom can access, telecommunications, tietong need to flip the wall):

[Gadgets] program MD5 value verification tool (115 Network Disk):

Myeclipse 9.0 official version activation package (115 Network Disk):

Myeclipse 9.0 official version of the Chinese package (115 Network Disk):

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