Old car Santana replacement need to pay attention to what? How much can old cars sell?

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Precautions for old car Santana replacement:

If the vehicle has been modified, for example, many car owners have modified the wheel hub, installed a large surround, xenon lamp, and so on, you need to provide the original accessories that have been replaced. If not, therefore, we need to reduce the modification cost in the evaluation price. In this case, we need to pay special attention to the fact that some vehicles recovered from 4S stores need to be restored to their original sales status. Instead of increasing the evaluation price of modified vehicles, instead, we need to deduct the corresponding fees to change to the initial state. Therefore, if the vehicle has changed, we suggest you keep the original factory accessories properly.

Old car Santana replacement mission car network good place, in the Mission car network replacement new car surprise gift constantly, how much money can the old car sell? If you participate in the old car auction of the group network, you can get a gift bag of more than yuan, and a gift card of yuan. What are you waiting,Contact us at 010-51656556.

Old car Santana replacement need to pay attention to what? How much can old cars sell?

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