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OneDrive is Microsoft's Network storage tool, the equivalent of our familiar cloud disk or network hard disk, support mobile phone and PC platform. In the latest WIN10 system, the OneDrive service is built in, and it is visible in Task Manager boot entry, which is turned on by default. For ordinary Win10 users, the OneDrive service is rarely used, we can uninstall or turn off the disabled, the following is the specific method of operation.

In general, if you do not need to use the OneDrive, we disable it to shut down, so first of all to introduce the next Win10 how to close the OneDrive service, the specific steps are as follows.

How does Win10 close OneDrive? Method steps are as follows

The easiest way to do this is to open Task Manager every time the computer is turned on, and then find the OneDrive.exe process like the one above, and then finish the process.

This method is not recommended because it needs to be operated every time the computer is powered on. Let's say the closing method once and for all.

1, open the Win10 Run dialog box, you can use the Win + R combination shortcut keys to quickly open, and then open after the input gpedit.msc finished, click OK to enter the Group Policy settings, such as figure.

2. After opening the WIN10 local Group Policy Editor, click to expand Computer Configuration-Administrative Templates-Windows Components-OneDrive, and then double-click the "Prohibit using OneDrive for file storage" in the following illustration.

3, then in the pop-up prohibit the use of the OneDrive configuration interface, select "Enabled", and then click on the bottom of the "OK" to save, as shown below.

With the above steps, you can successfully configure the Shutdown OneDrive service.

OneDrive How to Uninstall

If you want to completely uninstall the removal of the OneDrive program how to operate it? The following small series also include detailed method steps.

Uninstall method One:

1, run the input%localappdata%microsoftonedrive, view the version number, is generally a series of numerical form.

2, run cmd command, input%localappdata%microsoftonedrivexxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (just look at that version number) Onedrivesetup/uninstall, This command can unload most of the OneDrive programs, the rest can be deleted by itself (may require permission settings or run cmd in admin mode)

Uninstall Method Two:

Delete the%localappdata%microsoft OneDrive folder directly by taking permissions (after you get permissions, you may need to shut down the corresponding OneDrive process in the process before you can delete the folder cleanly) for forced deletion.

OneDrive is Microsoft's PC and mobile phones and other devices launched a cloud storage services, designed to help users better storage data, synchronous backup data, and so on, to prevent data loss, generally, if you do not need to use this service, just shut down to disable this service, do not need to uninstall so troublesome.

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