Phoenix Reborn: Photoshop to create a beautiful Phoenix

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First look at the effect:

First, draw a draft.
haha really like a bird without hair ~ ~ ^_^
Draw a line when you can be bold, because to do the flame effect, so no need to be too careful, rest assured go to it ~ ~ ~

Then it's scanning, sorting.

Create a new file, the long shape of the screen will be more attractive, so the proportion depends on your own like it ~
Then create a new gradient layer, menu-"Layer-" new fill Layer-"Select gradient
The color will be the tune of your own (this does not have to say more)
Then the manuscript to the back, fill color. (Tip: In the sketch, select the Channel, CTRL-click the channel layer, you can select the sketch, choose transparent protection, and then fill the color can get the following sketch.) )
If you do not have a scanner, with my this also line yo!!

The basics are ready, and then ~~~~~~~~~~.
Dismembered Phoenix!? So cruel ~ ~

Dismember it! Hehe ~ ~ is to separate the sketch like the following, in order to make better effect. But note, do not like the following figure to separate the position, the following figure I just for the convenience of everyone to watch just separate, just put her into the layer (small skills, press ctrl+j can be divided into a new layer, and the position is unchanged.) )。 But remember to keep the sketch, which will be useful later.

Next, everything starts from scratch, quack!!

Hide sketches and keep your head, which helps you concentrate on your work.
Select the Smudge tool (don't tell me you didn't use it) aim for the "chicken" head, find a suitable pen and pressure (30 or so), apply your imagination (if you find that the smear is not vigorous enough, it does not matter, this will be resolved in the final link) ~ ~ Skill is the right pen and pressure. Easy.

Then go to the wings and do the same, the skill or the appropriate pressure and the size of the pen
Show the sketch at times, so you'll be able to figure out what to do next. There is patience Ah ~ ~ ~

The next point, now you will understand why she was "dismembered", in order to get better results. Select the layer of the tail and use the pen tool to draw a curve along the tail, choose a good pen and pressure (pressure to a large point, about 90-95), and then to the path surface version, the path to the surface version of the hollow circle below, so that the smudge tool will be drawn along the path of smooth effect, realize the mouse is difficult to achieve the effect. The other part, the same, is easy.

Show the sketch and see if the effect is out? Finally, the overall adjustment, the basic is good, the rest is your patience ~.
The Phoenix is visible, but the effect is not vigorous enough, as long as the part of the line out of the merger, and then copied 1 layers out, blurred, choose "soft light" layer effect, not enough to copy and then blur ~ then choose other layer effect, know you satisfied (I use the 6 layer).

Now is not very imposing, but not enough, but also need the atmosphere of the rendering. Below, we will render the atmosphere. Select a star-shaped pen. If you don't like it, choose what you like. Then adjust the dynamic pen, the key is how you adjust, it depends on your own needs slightly.

And then create a new layer, and then draw and draw Ah ~ ~ ~ ~
When necessary, draw a path to assist, as it does when you draw a tail.
Just a little patience, the end result is this ~

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