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Today, I learned from the computer newspaper that Adobe launched the online version of Photoshop and registered it to try it out. Enter the Website: the registration, no question, enter the name, password, mailbox, etc., only in the country choice only unite state, no matter, all when I am a Chinese rice. Then click the link in my registered mailbox for verification. Note that the verification must be completed within 24 hours.

Everything is okay. Log in immediately. Haha, there is really 2 GB space available for free, but the initialization time is longer for the first time, but after entering, the operation speed is still very good. Look at the features, it is relatively simple, but the speed is quite good, there is no Google documentation that requires a long wait.

Main features:

1. 2 GB free space is quite good. In addition, you can directly import Picasa photos for more convenient use.

2. Easy to operate, and you can preview the effect directly.

3. Complete learning functions such as cropping, contrast, and saturation. Another touchup function is very interesting. You can try it.

4. There are not many special effects, such as pop color (like color replacement), hue, and tint. Each effect can be the same as that of Photoshop, you can select valid or invalid, so you are not afraid to change the source image.

5. The photo album name and file name cannot be displayed in English. The beta version is now available. We hope the official version can solve this problem.


The following is an article transferred from northern China in March 27.

Adobe today announced that the online PS program "Photoshop Express" has been open for public testing.

As a rich Internet application (RIA), Photoshop ExpressFree 2 GB SpaceUsers can store, manage, edit, and share their photos online. They can upload and download photos from Facebook or other social media sites, or present photos in Adobe galleries.

In terms of photo editing, Photoshop Express does not want to pursue professionalism like Photoshop, but provides one-click simple operations to achieve pop color, sketch, and distort, even if you are not surprised by image editing, you can easily master it.

Photoshop Express isMade using Adobe's free open-source framework flexSupports IE, Firefox, Safari, and other browsers. Flash Player 9 must be installed. Currently, only the English version is used. It will support multiple languages after its official launch.

Photoshop Express Website:

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