Photoshop CS6 Chinese version installation method and activation method

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Adobe's update speed is really power, the CS5 series of software to launch a year, CS6 version has been released. This article is to share with you Photoshop CS6 official Simplified Chinese version of the download.

Photoshop is one of the most famous image processing software of adobe company, which integrates image scanning, editing, image making, advertising originality, image input and output, and is popular with graphic designers and computer art enthusiasts.

Photoshop CS6 Installation Method

Download the official Simplified Chinese version of Photoshop CS6 at the bottom of this article, download and complete the decompression installation. The WIN7 system may be prompted during installation that the installer detects that the computer restarts may be paused. It is recommended that you quit Setup, restart your computer, and then try again. ", click" Ignore ", as shown in the following figure:

Tips that you may encounter when you install Photoshop CS6

Photoshop CS6 Boot interface

The startup interface looks more concise:

Photoshop CS6 Boot interface

Photoshop CS6 Software Interface

Photoshop CS6 Software Interface

Photoshop CS6 activation method

Activation method Please refer to: Adobe CS6 Universal Activation method

Photoshop CS6 New Features

Content Recognition Patching

Use the content recognition patching feature to patch the image so that you can select the sample area and use content recognition to create a magical patch effect.

Mercury Graphics Engine

The effect can be viewed instantly with the help of the main tools such as liquefaction, manipulation, deformation and cropping. The new Adobe Mercury graphics engine has an unprecedented response speed that allows you to work as smoothly as flowing. *

New and improved design tools

Create more advanced designs faster. Apply text styles to produce a consistent format, use a vector coating to apply strokes, and add gradients to the vector target, create custom strokes and dashes, quickly search for layers, and more.

New Blur Gallery.

Use a simple interface to quickly create a blur effect with the controls on the image. Create a skew offset effect, blur all content, and then sharpen a focus or change the blur strength between multiple focus. The Mercury graphics engine instantly renders the authoring effect. *

For more features please click here to view.

Photoshop CS6 Official Simplified Chinese version download

Note: directly right click on the link below, select "Use Thunder download Can"

Software Download (1.12G)

    • Adobe official Download link (right button-> use Thunderbolt to download)

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