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Single photo can not display the effect of multiple pictures at the same time performance, here I teach you how to use Photoshop to make multiple pictures superimposed effect, the following is the use of my photos of Huashan landscape synthesis superimposed after the picture.

Tools/raw Materials




Open the first picture with Photoshop, right-click the background layer, select Copy layer, and copy the new layer


Select the background copy layer and select Add layer style below the layers panel-then select stroke style


In the Open Layer Style window, select Stroke, set the stroke size according to your picture size, select the position as "inner", fill with white, add a white border to the photo, and add a border to the same steps for all other footage photos.


Use the file-new command in Photoshop to create a horizontal, 5*7-sized canvas in photo mode


Use the "file"-"open" command in Photoshop to open all material pictures


Using the toolbar's Move tool, move the footage to the new canvas, point to the footage, and drag it to the canvas.


Use the same steps to drag all the footage to the canvas you added


Follow these methods to continue adding a large background layer to the canvas


Use the edit-transform-zoom command to adjust the size of each material photo to the appropriate canvas (to be sure of your layout)


When you have finished changing a piece of material, select other footage using the edit-transform-once again command, you can quickly zoom in on the previous picture scaling


Adjust the layer, complete the initial layout of the picture overlay relationship, the background layer only on the top of the canvas, and then the individual footage of the picture


Select each material picture and use the edit-free transform command to adjust the angle of rotation of the picture according to your preferences and layout


In order to complete the free transformation of all layers except the background layer, try to be symmetrical or have some regularity.


Success, a picture of Huashan landscape superimposed on the composite finished, is not more verve?

Attention matters

Add a border to the material picture you can use some fool photo processing software, you can complete the border add in bulk

Before synthesizing, you need to think about the layout, then add a certain number of pictures according to the layout, and then adjust the picture size

Material picture size is not always, can have large and small, according to the layout of the

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 182958314 welcome you to join

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