Photoshop Sandwich Cookies Theme Promotion page banner Design tutorial

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For the users of Photoshop software, talk about the design tutorial of the theme Promotion page banner of the sandwich cookies.
Tutorial Sharing:
One, the material choice:
Before you do, you have to build a general picture of yourself and then collect the material you want based on the screen.

With the general keywords, and then based on the keyword to find their own brain to want the material.

Actual operation:
1, the material is ready, you can build their imagined good picture, poster size 1920 * 600. A new scene will be built with the grass in the landscape material and the trees in the distance.

2, p on the blue sky and white clouds, and then find a building material put up, in order to make the scene more realistic, we will be far away from the tree to do fuzzy processing, but at this time the whole scene or some blunt, and then add some light processing.

3, with a light yellow brush on the treetops, select the "Filter Color" "Soft light" mode to lift the light of the trees.

4, find a light material, placed on the building material, select "Color" mode, so that the building is well integrated into the scene.

5, with yellow-green brush on the grass smear, select the "soft light" mode of the dark grass, so that more layers of grass.

6, put the cookie material, add shadow.

7, the bottom of the biscuit with a dark brown brush, select the "soft light" mode plus dark bottom.

8, with a light yellow brush smear the top of the biscuit, select the "superposition" mode to highlight the top of light sense.

9, add milk material.

10, join the model, at this time we will be the model to adjust the color, so that the color of a little warmer, the overall tone more harmonious, set the following values.

11, with a white brush smear character's straw hat, back, select the "superposition" mode to highlight the light of the model site.

12, drag into the rolling biscuit product, with a white brush painted on top of the cookie, select "overlay" mode to highlight the light, with a light brown smear at the bottom, select "Multiply" add dark bottom, and then a part of the cream material out on the biscuit, looks more natural.

13, enter text, and add layer style.

14, new layer, name "dissolve layer" Ctrl-click the text thumbnail, and then fill the white.

15, change the layer mode to "dissolve", the transparency reduces to 33%, the effect is as follows figure.

16. To create a new layer, merge with the following dissolved layer.

17, copy the merged layer, get the merged copy, press CTRL + I to reverse the copy, and then press the keyboard up, left direction key fine-tuning.

18. Copy the merged copy one more layer, get the merged copy 2, then set the mode of the three layers to "soft light", as shown below.

19, in order to make the font and the overall theme expression more harmonious, we use a white brush on the top of the font, like a sandwich cookie as sweet.

20, set the layer style as shown below.

21, create a new fill or adjustment layer, select the optional color, the overall scene to add a warm, set the value below.

22, Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E-stamped layer, then copy one layer, filter > Other > High contrast retention, set the following value, and set the pattern mode of the layer to "soft light", this step is to increase the overall sharpness and clarity of the poster.

Final effect:

Okay, the above information is small compiled to you photoshop this software users brought to the details of the sandwich Cookies theme promotional page banner design tutorials to share all the content, you see the users here, small set believe that you are now very clear the course of the bar, Then go to the small part of the tutorial to make it yourself.

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