Photoshop skillfully use layer overlay to bring up the dream portrait effect

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Many photographers like to shoot portrait works, but to the late modification of the time, feel the start. Today brings this tutorial mainly for the material application and layer blending mode processing explanation, and this kind of light effect material synthesis is our common portrait processing method, so take this group of dream-color bathtub Private portrait works as a case, hope to help you develop ideas.

Mature female slept Author: Xiu-Turing, Ben

The comparison of the effect drawing and the original image, the purpose of the latter is to make the more dreamy private portrait works.

Get the original format file, with Photoshop Cameraraw plug-ins or Lightroom, the initial exposure and color temperature adjustment, as far as possible to the normal color temperature, to maximize the retention of picture details, numerical reference pictures.

After completion, liquefaction treatment, need to pay attention to chin radian, body shape. The liquefaction path is shown in the figure.

Here, it is found that the vertical composition is more expressive of the character's emotions (which should have been done in the first step, put here is also emphasized when dealing with photos must be constantly thinking, otherwise read the tutorial will only divert, so I rotated the image to the left 90 degrees, weakening the center part of the picture, the Mask white area of the image of the implementation of Gaussian Blur, The numerical value is determined by itself. Into the repair diagram link, the repair tool handles the image flaw, the basic step omits the screenshot. Need attention is to strengthen the eye shadow, handling a lot of, not one by one, I am here directly in the circle of the eye part, after feather directly ctrl+j copy the selection content to the new layer, apply overlay layer blending mode, and then copy down a layer to increase the intensity, with the brush, add mask erase the eye

The picture further adjusts the color as well as enhances the local light ratio (the neutral gray layer does deepens the Dodge operation).

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