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Pong FightBy me (Su zhouyue askzy) AndLu Yuzhou totolvCasual Games developed together as our Pair Project

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Project Description

Game Selection

We conducted some research on the surrounding students.

We found that most casual games use physical engines.

Considering our project time restrictions and incremental development needs

We chose this game.

Develop a simple collision physical engine by yourself

Pong FightThe prototype is the "hitting bricks" game, as shown in

"Hitting bricks" first appeared on the red and white Machine

Later, many variants were derived, and many other games, such as the "taige Lizhi Chuan", were added as game games.

Game ++

According to our investigation, we decided to change the brick-and-mortar game into a multiplayer combat game with a better sense of operation and a more intense confrontation.

The final version has the following features:

  • Web games, pure Javascript implementation, multi-browser support;
  • 2 ~ 4 persons (hands;
  • Powerful ball extraction function to enhance confrontation;
  • Optimized ball/board collision engine;
  • Two difficult AI (PvC easy and PvC hard );
  • Two combat modes (PvP and 2Pv2P );
  • The newbie mode (PvP) is similar to the traditional brick-hitting mode. Each user operates a ball board to fight against each other;
  • The veteran mode (2Pv2P) can be used to control two kubernetes by one person, simultaneously attacking and defending;
  • You can choose from a combination of the three balls/backgrounds to easily add a new picture;

You are welcome to have a try and comments!

The following is a PongFight game.

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