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PPT to image PPT

1. a ppt is a Microsoft Office PowerPoint document. It is often used in training, demonstration, and courseware. It takes a hard time to make a good PPT, generally, PPT documents can be easily used and plagiarized by others. You can view and view your own PPT documents without being easily used or plagiarized by others, it is converted into an image-based PPT with its own watermark.

2. For the sake of insurance, some people use the tool to print the PPT and then scan it. This tool is equivalent to PPT printing and scanning, saving printer and scanner hardware and saving you paper, this reduces costs and increases efficiency.

This software is green software, no installation, easy operation, automatic memory interface settings, there are other special needs and problems, can send email: gisoracle@126.com, or QQ: 276529800 contact, yes.

: Http://files.cnblogs.com/gisoracle/imgppt.rar

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