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Do foreign trade friends know that the price is not around the factors, with suppliers need to talk about the price, with the guests need to talk about the price, with the freight Forwarding company Express Company also need to talk about the price. In short, the price is the foreign trade link can not be avoided a factor, especially with the guests of the price negotiations, because of the differences between the cultural background, information asymmetry, and now the serious tilt of the status of buyers and sellers, so many novice most afraid to talk with guests about the price problem, for fear of "See the Light Die", At the same time facing the customer's bargaining has become confused, and ultimately not to make a loss of orders or maintain a very low profit, is the loss of orders and even lost the trust of guests, and eventually lost the guests.

Especially for the new contact or the initial inquiry of the guests, because there is no substantive contact, and there is no previous orders to pave the table, the customer's choice of suppliers will become more cautious, once the problem is found, guests will immediately terminate the negotiations, in turn to contact with the old suppliers, or choose another new supplier. The core of the "problem" is price negotiation! What did the guest contact you for? Want to buy something. What do you do before you buy something? Ask for the price. This is almost the practice of the foreign trade industry. Now is not the era of commodity scarcity, you have something you can sell casually. The current situation is the opposite, China's factories seriously overcapacity, in the case of domestic demand can not be digested, have to pass a large number of export, so that foreigners consume so many products. And at this stage is a buyer's market, the buyer grasp the initiative, which is caused by changes in supply and demand, but also in the future for a certain period of international trade in the main situation.

Many of my friends who have seen my other post have known or more or less understood the writing of some development letters and the areas needing attention. But the question is, when you write a development letter, what do you do next when you reach the target guest successfully? is the inquiry and quotation, there is a round of

like girls to buy clothes, you will not bargain? I think not in many cases. You usually ask, how much does this dress cost? (This is your initial enquiry). The shopkeeper said 480 bucks. (This is her first offer). You said, too expensive, cheaper! (This is your first round of bargaining). The shopkeeper said, my price is already very good, so, you sincerely want to buy, that  450 block bar. (This is her first round of concessions). You say, still too expensive oh, you let so a little, this price I can't accept. (This is your second round of bargaining). The shopkeeper said, OK, well, I don't make you any money, 420 bucks, you take it. (This is her second round of price reductions). You said, well, let me try it on first. (This is the sample you are confirming). When you try to cross it, you say, OK, but the shoulder is not very comfortable. (You're picking a question, but you're hoping to bargain). The shopkeeper said, this is the case, our design is more unique, you may suddenly not very accustomed to, this is not a problem. (She wants to sell her clothes). You shake your head, or forget it, the price is too expensive, shoulder this place is not too comfortable, I'll see. (you as if to go, in fact, you want to take the initiative in the negotiations). The shopkeeper hurriedly way, then I give you a discount, a price  380 block. (Because you deliberately find a problem, she can only take the initiative to reduce prices). You're going to walk out of the shop and say I'll hang out and decide later. (You catch the shopkeeper eager to deal with the psychological, to retreat, the purpose is to cut down the better price.) The shopkeeper was anxious, said immediately, so, you say a price, I can sell on sell, can not sell I also have no way. (This is the shopkeeper wants you to give the target price). You pretend to think, and then say, 200 dollars I buy, anyway is not too like, it doesn't matter. (You give the target price). The shopkeeper said, this price I want to lose, the price is not enough, you add more. (She does not agree to your target price, hope to rise a little). You shake your head and refuse, so forget it, thank you. (You stick to the target price, or you won't be alone.) ) business. (reluctantly accept the target price, although the profit is very low, but for the hope of long-term cooperation, still agreed).

Everybody see, this example and do foreign trade is how similar? Just bargain, confirm the sample, then throw the target price, find the deal point. Maybe some friends will say, I go to the counter to buy things, they do not reduce prices. OK, then I ask you, will you ask, do you have a discount? What are the conditions for making a membership card? Moreover, even in the building, the counter, but also can be discounted, the general manager and the boss have the right to decide! Even a building can be bargained for. At the time of the 08 economic crisis, the luxury shops in Hong Kong, which were never discounted, were still discounted. The reason is the order, as long as the volume of orders plummeted, the price will have to readjust.

What exactly is the price? Why does it have so many mysteries, so elusive? Make people love and hate?

From the political economy point of view, the price is the monetary performance of the value, and the price fluctuation is caused by the supply and demand relations.

So it is clear that the price is determined by two factors: one is value, the other is supply and demand. The relationship between supply and demand is easy to understand, what is value? Is it the traditional cost plus the profit? I don't think so. Why are Chanel and LV bags so expensive? Because of the appeal of brands and luxury goods, Germany's Benz and BMW? Because of the first-class quality, good reputation and German rigor, Belgian and Swiss chocolate? A long history, outstanding craftsmanship and a special taste; What about Sony's electronic products? Japan's delicate, stable after-sales service and to the details of the demanding; Apple's MacBook and iphone? Cool and dazzling

Shape, unique design and advanced product experience; Armani and Zegna's suit? First-class tailoring, fine workmanship and top brands, as well as the soaring real estate in mainland China over the past few years? Really is a house of good quality of a mess, worth tens of thousands of yuan a square meter? No, the cost is there, and more is the bubble and the expectation that people will have room for future appreciation.

These see, we will find that the original value in addition to cost and profit, but also with quality, brand, service, word of mouth, craft, shape, design, details, future appreciation expectations and other factors related, these I call them added value.

Now the complete formula comes out:

Price = Cost + Profit + Added value

So it is clear that there are 3 determinants, namely cost, profit and added value. There are 1 influential factors, which are difficult to quantify the supply and demand relationship.

Supply and demand are external conditions, we are very difficult to influence and control, what we can do is to work hard in these three links. Many suppliers ignore the value-added relationship, will only reduce costs, reduce profits, feel that foreign trade is becoming more and more difficult to do, orders more and more difficult to connect, make money more and more difficult, but foreigners demand more and more, conditions more and more stringent, the supplier is still very dissatisfied.

Why? is because most of the domestic foreign trade enterprises are not particularly strong value-added advantages, that in the international market competitiveness only cost advantages caused by the price advantage! I do not deny that some enterprises have unique products, has a special design, has its own core technology and patents, has a large factory and strong production capacity and so on. However, if none of the above conditions exist, then the price negotiation will directly determine your profit, or even can take the order.

So foreign trade salesman, especially the new people, how to quote, how to talk about the price with the guests, it becomes an extremely important topic! The following I will from five aspects of the discussion, friends can compare their own, which they can do, which did not enough, which is simply ignored by themselves!

First, the preparation before the quotation.

Preparation is important not only to prepare the product, but also to prepare the guest and the industry as a whole.

When you receive an inquiry from a guest, the first thing you should do is to seriously study each other's inquiry email, to understand the specific interests of the guests, to speculate about their real needs, in order to targeted and targeted to the customer accurate quotation. Every customer inquiry is different, then you reply to the email must be different, right? If you get a template, every inquiry is a one-on-one reply, then I tell you, the possibility of catching fish is very small.

Because the foreign trade and raw materials are constantly changing, so we must understand the relevant market conditions to give a reasonable offer. I mean the reasonable, so that you have to assess the other side of the market, the expected volume of orders, the potential of the guests, given a price you feel fit for this guest! It may seem complicated, but with a little bit of detail you can get the information you need.

For example, you are a Guangdong trading company, specializing in the export of outdoor supplies, received an inquiry today, is an American importer to order 30000 beach chairs, let you quote. This time your first reaction should be to further understand the following aspects of the problem: the guests are not professional outdoor products? What did he originally purchase? Ever have

Price? What is the approximate purchase price of other guests? What kind of price would my colleague quote? What are some of the details that might affect the price? What kind of packaging is suitable for the U.S. market? Does your supplier give you a good price? What is the level of domestic counterparts?

There may even be a series of problems that arise when you receive an inquiry and are prepared and studied carefully. If you receive the guest's mail, the first thought is the above questions, and can know the general situation, and to do not know the initiative to find the answer, congratulations, you are already an old hand, this article is not suitable for you. If you can not fully achieve these, I hope you could seriously look down, a lot of things will be you temporarily did not think or is usually ignored, but often these places, decided the final order attribution.

Back to that example, if you have a general understanding of the situation, to see the guest's website, I feel a little bit bottom: This guest is an American importer, the main market is the United States east of the one or two states, 30000 of the beach chair is a bit large, but the potential of the United States market also said, also count He is not a professional outdoor products, many many products on the site, the type of procurement is very miscellaneous, it should be a grocer; it is difficult to judge whether a beach chair has been purchased before, because he does not have the site, only see hammocks and fishing stools; As for packaging, Americans generally like polyester cloth backpack bag; my supplier in Zhejiang, the price is good The low price of the peers ...

This information you know later, the price before the preparation can be said almost, the next step is to give the guests a quotation.

I would also like to add that, if based on your pre-analysis, found that the customer inquiry has a large chair, an Icelandic guests to inquire, to 100000 beach chairs, said to sell the local market. It's easy to tell, it's totally nonsense! Because its market, population and geographical environment determine this is not possible at all! It is possible that the guest is trying to squeeze out your minimum price with a large amount and then reduce the order volume to find the best deal prices. If he presses you with 100,000 of the amount, you start with the reserve price and keep only 3% profit. But then the guest told you, sorry, we have to go to the next trial order, about 2000 looks, to maintain the price. You do not agree, but because the guests already know your reserve price, you do not want to lose customers, the results of a few rounds down, you only increase the unit prices 3%, the entire order only 6% of the profit. This time you will be very depressed, can only blame oneself did not put the price to talk, the result becomes such a chicken order. The guest was delighted that he had achieved the greatest victory in the negotiations!

I raise the above two examples, just hope to tell you that the pre-work is very important, and sometimes even play a key role in negotiations, do not underestimate, and do not receive an inquiry on the blind offer, not to kill the guests, is to kill themselves.

Landlord, I am also a new foreign trade, entered is just the establishment of the company, there is no one to take me, how to get started, all rely on their own groping, have inquired about the price, I returned to the quotation, but not a customer back, has come to work two months, a little complexion

No, what am I supposed to do?

I'm sorry, I'm going to go back to you here.

In general, the new people have this problem, is no one to teach, and no one to take you, many times will feel lost direction, do not know what to do every day. This is normal, everyone is this way, most of the friends need this process, I think this can be considered an adaptation period.

At this point you need to explore your own research and find a way to suit yourself. I had a problem. Everyone's e-mail should have their own style, so that guests can read the text to know that you write, hehe. As we speak Chinese, we all have our own habits and mantra, and may not pay attention to them, but others will know that you are speaking. English is also the same, you want to give the foreigner such feeling, that is right! Must not be the same, copy or imitate other people's mail, slowly it is difficult to make their own style. I have also written an article about the development of the letter, just through some cases and points of attention to give you a little reference, I would never recommend any of the sentences, or commonly used words or phrases, so useless! Learn English to ingenious, even if you memorize the sentence patterns and words, write out the mail are similar, that how much boring ah!!!

Quotation is a technical work, need to pre-preparation, need to be familiar with the product and industry, but also need to master some of the language skills, how to make guests feel you are professional. It's easy to say, but a lot of detail needs to be explored. For example, how do you make a guest think you've been doing this for many years in one or two sentences? How do you make him more impressed by the hundreds of quotes he receives? These are going to be slowly groping, I can tell you, most of the quotations and quotation emails are in the details to show whether this person is professional, is not I am looking for right man. This is important!

I take the quotation as an example, I last night in the collation of greenhouse quotation, not many, I asked a few old trading companies, there are several factories and trading companies Alibaba on the inquiry, almost a total of more than 40 e-mail it. I will take a look at these messages, and then choose from a few of my most impressive, click on the appendix of the quotation to study, if these are not satisfactory, I find other those who impress me not very good mail, slowly open again

Last seen for one hours, of which 3 suppliers I will continue to contact today to choose a final order. The first is a big factory, a big factory, to the three major supermarkets in the United States are available, although his English is not very good, but the message text and themes highlight his advantages, since it is a large factory, I will consider keeping in touch; the second is a big trading company, claiming that they have strong factory control capabilities, can accept a variety of flexible payment methods, according to the requirements of guests, in a week to accurately play a variety of samples of the requirements, while they have 1-800 after-sales service in the United States, this piece outsourced to an American company, if consumers buy greenhouse found missing accessories, such as the case, just call the instructions on the 800 telephone, immediately can send to his hand, this supplier I am very satisfied, after-sales service is his absolute advantage, and flexible payment method Let me think he has financial strength. But I like the most is a small trading company, his e-mail is very good, so I can not help to open his quotation, the results let me shock a, from the content to the format, to the picture and file size, all the details are considered vividly, and attached to other European guests to do the color box and PDQ, For my reference here. His e-mail is very honest that he is just a small trading company, in addition to a bit of pressure on funds, hoping to do 30% deposit of TT, other aspects are his advantages, familiar with the product, familiar with various certifications, familiar with the United States import tariffs (I would like to add a little, the United States HS Code and we export customs HS code is inconsistent in many cases! This is related to the local import duties of the United States), the quotation to do I have almost no problem to ask, the price is a little cheaper than the big factory, although the margin is small, and the big trading Company's offer almost flat.

These three suppliers I will continue to contact, and these two days will decide specifically to give the order to whom. From my subjective perspective, I am more inclined to small trading company, because he gave me a very special style is also more rigid, but as long as I think he is more cost-effective, I will consider him!

To add, the efficiency is very important, I inquire the day before yesterday, the last night has been collated and screened out suppliers, and then proceed. If I received a quotation from another supplier today, it is too late, I will not consider it, this is the importance of timely quotation! Second, the product and the industry's professional

What is a professional? is understanding the product process and price composition? is to understand the status of the industry and industry layout? Or to understand the sales of products in the international market and the future trend of development? I feel that all is not comprehensive, for foreign trade personnel, professional embodiment in a person's personal qualities, further said, is the foreigner feel for you. He thinks you are a professional, you are very professional. The more straightforward point is that as long as you understand more than the guests, more than counterparts to take a step, you are very professional! Foreigners will have a comparison, how to compare? Nothing is to take your peers to do the reference, who make him feel more understand a bit, who is professional.

This step, it is easy to say, it is not easy to do! Need to accumulate over the ages and grasp the details. In particular, the way of speaking and negotiation skills will directly affect the guest's subjective judgment. Foreigners are also very emotional, he thought you this person is good, very professional, and then will be with you deepin talk down, business is possible to do up. In turn, if you give the guest the first impression is a novice, do not understand, ask Sanbuzhi, a lot of things need to call, you think guests will trust you?

For example, customers want to buy rechargeable batteries, you are a factory or trading company, you do not need to know the specific production process and material ratio of lithium battery, because most of these guests do not know, and not interested to know. You need to know, your lithium battery at which price, discharge time can be less, and your peers compared to what advantages and so on. These are the guest's direct concern! If the guest feels that the price is expensive, is it possible for you to quickly inform the customer of the replacement rules and approximate prices? This determines whether you can set a "professional" image for the guests!

Guests want to buy a work light, your standard configuration is the use of 1000MAH 18650 lithium battery. If the guest feels expensive, you can answer the guest immediately, if the battery changes to 1000MAH Ni-MH Battery (NI-MH), how much can the price come down? If it is still expensive, then do 1000MAH ni-CD Battery (NI-CD), the price can come down how much? You can always give proposals and suggestions, accurately quoted prices, the guests are absolutely good impression of you, he will think, in your field, you are expert!

Plainly, you do not need and factory chef so proficient in products, do not need to be like engineers and technical staff familiar with various parameters, you just business personnel, as long as you can understand a little something, and the ability to fool foreigners, you are already very professional!

Many friends at the beginning of contact with the guests, often by email reply inquiry, or the initiative to send a development letter to strangers, it is more to test your ability, can let guests through the mail feel you are professional, this is very important! Directly related to the possibility of further contact, can you make the customer as an alternative supplier.

For the new guest who is contacted by email for the first time, it should be a potential customer, so many details determine his first impression of you. Is your e-mail a neat, non-lengthy nonsense? Are you very professional in your presentation? Are you familiar with the price composition of the product? Do you have any emphasis on your strengths? Do you have a good picture of the product? The quotation is not very careful, but also provides full parameters and packing data accurately?

What is the level of the polygon? What is the price on the horizon? What customers are your target markets? To make the guest feel that you have a good understanding of the international market and his local market, can give him a targeted proposal.

In addition, it should be added that the mail must be sorted in a timely manner, if possible, it is best to set up a buyer's file, refined to the customer inquiry products, the contact person and time and so on. Because guests will be a lot of time to inquire, or customers of the company is relatively large, they have a lot of buyers have contacted you, this time if you can appropriate point, condom near, Lala before the relationship, guests will feel that you respect them, think you are very professional. Third, efficiency efficiency or efficiency.

Efficiency is important, very important, very, very important.

In fact, efficiency is not only reflected in the quotation, for the customer's timely feedback, the efficiency of the work, production efficiency, problem-solving efficiency, and so on, is also extremely important!

What is efficiency? In the line of foreign trade, I feel that in the right time to give the guests the appropriate answer, this is efficiency!

An Iranian guest, for example, wrote an inquiry about the products he was looking for and the specific parameters, as well as the relevant pictures, which is a valuable inquiry. If you indicate below, Pls give us quote before next Monday. It is clear that if you give him an accurate reply before the next Monday, it is efficient. If it doesn't work, it's OK to drag it for 1-2 days, but it's best to inform the guest beforehand to let him know that you're doing something for him, but because some details need to be confirmed, the package needs to be finalized. By staying in touch with your guests, you will be able to know your specific progress. Cost, and so on, the result has been a long time, more than the guests have been more than a week or longer, and then back to the past, it is likely that the situation is a dead end, your previous work has been white.

Because the retail industry competition is very intense, the overseas buyer faces the cost and the various aspects the pressure to be more and more big, therefore they need the supplier's support, can give the stable price and the first time reply, otherwise the guest side cannot proceed. Therefore, the efficiency of the quotation must be high, the next sample, production, marketing, logistics and other aspects of the same need for high efficiency. Many regular order cycles have been shortened from the past 60 days to today's 45 days, or even 30 days or less. This means that the customer's efficiency requirements for the supplier are becoming more and more demanding, so this time, the service is especially important! The problem of efficiency is imminent!

So how does replying to an email or a quote count for efficiency? In my opinion, the following points need to be noted:

1) The first time to reply to the guest, can quote to give accurate quotations, temporarily can not quote also to the guest reply, inform the specific work progress and can give the final reply time!

2) Many times also need to pay attention to the time difference, according to foreign guests ' habits to reply. For example, American time is the opposite of ours, and if you return the mail in the morning, I am afraid you will not be able to receive the guest email at the time of work today, because he is at night. When you return to the company tomorrow morning to see the guest reply, and then return to the mail to him, I am afraid to delay another day. If it's a matter of urgency, it's too slow to have a round every day. Ideally, you reply to the mail in the morning, wait until your side 11 o'clock or 12 o ' clock to look at the mailbox, perhaps the guest has responded, because he happens to be in the morning work hours, if you immediately give a reply,

Days, the efficiency is increased.

3) The picture should be very accurate to avoid misunderstanding. Often have friends encounter this situation, guests send a picture to ask for a quote, you gave an accurate quote, but did not add their own pictures, with the guests of the picture. The guest will have to send more than one e-mail, please provide your pictures, give him reference. In fact, this kind of things are often superfluous, but also a waste of time, if you in the quotation, with their own pictures instead of the guests inquiry pictures, then one step, to meet the requirements and purposes of the guests, is not it?

4) Quotations must be in place in detail. Many suppliers are lazy, after receiving the inquiry usually casually quoted price, a little better is to add an external box information. It's not efficiency, it's a waste of time. A slightly better guest, will be patient reply, then asked him to know some of the parameters and other information; If a busy guest is afraid to directly not return, which suppliers are more careful, can give him sufficient information, he continued to contact with whom.

5) After the first time quote, if there is something to add, immediately follow up an email. I used to quote the guests, usually the same day reply, it is too late to reply the next day, generally rarely dragged to three days later. When I provide accurate pictures and quotations, generally will follow up an e-mail, the product of other guests packaging design draft to the guests, on the one hand to the guests reference, on the other hand is to enhance their product sales good persuasive. But why not send it in an e-mail? There are two reasons: one is the picture instructions and other information put in an e-mail, the format will be too large, may not receive the guests, and appear to be a bit cumbersome, and the second is divided into two e-mails, more to increase the exposure rate, guests see your mail and open the odds will be greater. As long as he has opened a letter, it is possible to be attracted, it is possible to open the first

Four, the appropriate quotation skills.

The skill is indispensable when quoting. Many friends will complain, the price report out no news, no, or sometimes suspect peer to set prices, not to report, afraid of leaking trade secrets and so on. So I said the trick is to try to avoid this situation, neither let the peer from your offer to set out information, but also to let guests reply to you as much as possible, this is a good offer.

According to my personal experience, quote to try to falsehoods, do not easily let people see your cards, whether this person is your peers, or potential guests, all follow this rule, to try to occupy the active position in the price. Here are some of my previous work in the use of a number of successful orders to win the quotation skills, I hope to give you some inspiration:

1) Weaken the reference method. This approach is actually very simple, in a word, is to make it difficult for guests to find the reference material, so that the price is not comparable.

For example, solar lights, Factory reported to me 4 yuan A, color box packaging. At this time, I reported to the guest how to quote, there are $0.8, also reported $1.8, profit from 10% to 200%.

It can be said that I quote to every guest is not the same. But I will not intact according to the factory data, I will give the guest program, for example, 40 products to do a display box, display box can be how to design, and even to the previous display box to Sony to send the picture to the guests, tell him how to change, in the supermarket placed will be very beautiful. Also will give him good banner and slogan, anyway, a set of sales strategy to do well, and so he decided how to change

In this way, price comparability suddenly weakened, become not so transparent, even if guests take my plan to inquire, I believe that domestic counterparts will certainly ask guests to all kinds of information, and then the price, such as the use of the display box is what paper, there is no peritoneum, with what kind of printing, etc. These questions can be asked to pour the guests, the absolute guests in n days is not found reference. And I occupy the initiative, the peer to quote will be my proposal to lead the nose, a lot of people will not be reported out, many people even if the core is lower than I, guests to pressure my price, I also have the leeway, such as to make some changes and so on. So it is possible that, in the case of a customer who cannot find any reference, he can only bargain with me by experience and then either Deal or no order.

And the advantage of this offer is falsehoods, not afraid of peer to set the price.

Hey, in fact, this trick with good, is very powerful! Not only can you increase profits, but also let the guests think you are very professional, but double benefit oh.

We turn to see, a lot of friends are actually very rigid, after receiving the inquiry always like to ask the guests a variety of information, ask the West, do not want to break the sand pot ask the end, all the details to find out after the offer, thought this is more accurate. The idea is correct, but the reality is, will the guests take the trouble to answer your 100,000 why? Moreover, many guests are also middlemen, his terminal guests only give him a picture, or a simple one or two sentence description, and other things do not. So he can't give you more information, because he doesn't know. He won't be able to answer you at this time.

If there are other smart suppliers to give their own proposal, give advice, the guests feel good, he will send someone else's parameters to you, let you go to the price. This time you have a little change, no way, only 1.1 points to colleagues and technical departments, or suppliers, the results of three reminders, the price quoted is not necessarily accurate. Because it is someone else's plan, you are led by others to walk, nature is very passive.

If the person who gives the plan is you, the guest takes your plan to go to your colleague to inquire over there, this time the headache is they, need according to you set up the circle to play this game, you firmly occupy the active position. So not only to give a few sets of plans, but also fast, to first occupy the guest's subjective thinking, let him play according to your game rules.

2) Big Buyer Encouragement Act.

Large buyers many guests know that the industry among the big guests and famous guests, can make a lot of people admire. If you have worked with a big buyer, are you more likely to win the trust of potential customers you're talking about? I believe the answer is yes.

If you combine the previous weakening reference method with the big buyer's encouragement method, it will often have amazing effects.

Let's make a hypothesis, and have the guest give me a picture, a mop, want me to quote. I usually give him a similar shipment of our products, and then include instructions, color box design drafts, PDQ pictures and so on, including the price and outside the box information, if it is with a well-known large buyers logo pictures, that persuasive stronger, is tantamount to imply that guests, I even xxx guests are doing, quite professional! Finally, I would like to add that if you want to be the same as your picture of the product, we would be happy to help you sourcing, or research open mold production, please provide further information.

That's all you can do. What is the buyer's mindset? Just want to find the right supplier and Ken cooperate with him if

Like to find suppliers, whether he is a factory or trading company, the first is specialized unprofessional. I want to buy furniture, although the company is very small, but several large companies in the United States to give him, I would think he is very good, very familiar with the American market, the order to give him I would be very relieved.

If it is to write the development letter, or is the first to face the customer's inquiry, here is more fastidious, I wrote the development letter in front of the special mention of the "theme" of the wording, how to use large buyers to seize the eyeball, we usually have time to study carefully.

3) Bundling strategy method. My bundling strategy is special, not to put a few products bundled together, but to use their own brand to bind themselves and the guests, making him very difficult to isolate.

You want to ah, if his store sells your product, the shelf is your brand, if one day suddenly to change, consumers will get used to it? What would you think? I used to do stationery has a binding strategy, I help a large buyer to design a series of stationery products of all paper cards, while the product to his lowest price, but he stationery a whole series of orders to me, and to hit my brand!!! I give him the return is, all the paper card is the same factory, I find another packaging factory uniform packaging, that first will not color difference, and the quality of the paper card is quite close, the guests are satisfied. But in this way, the whole shelf in his supermarket is my product, and I use my brand. A few months later, I put a part of the product price increases, guests do not accept also have to accept, otherwise, once he does not have these orders, his shelves are not neat, it is not a unified paper card, tone and brand. This is my original strategy, an integrated order, a lot of products I lost, most of the capital preservation, a small increase in profits or even high profits. Once the guests are done, half a year later, I will be able to bring back the portion of the previous loss,

The guest is in a passive position. If he wants to terminate the contract with me and replace all the stationery series, this is not a year. At this time, if I properly with the foreigner buy hand good relations, fix them, it is almost no problem, business can be done for a long time.

Some guests may ask, can you accept the OEM? Do you have a brand? In this case, be sure to give a positive answer, we can put the card, but also have their own brand. In addition, you must find ways to let customers use your own brand, so as to achieve the effect of bundling strategy. You can even consider giving your guests a reasonable price, give them more, and try to make them choose your brand.

Once the guest is on your "pirate", it is not so easy to come down like that.

4) Everytime method. If your product is relatively unpopular, the competition is not too many peers, you might as well try this trick. But with this trick has a premise, is you for the product, market, especially the target market has a very accurate understanding, for the business veteran, this trick is often used by the old routine.

For experienced buyers, whether the price you quoted is high or low, he will say that it is expensive and expensive, to reduce your prices. So what is the psychology of a big department buyer? They often buy not "cheap", but "take advantage"! Like a lot of clothing brands in the department store, an ordinary summer clothes sell 600 yuan, you feel good expensive, wait for the season, the direct to you dozen 70 percent, many friends know this time can not wear, but feel accounted for cheap, or will go to buy, thought bought later can put into next year to wear, But I often do not think I will love this dress next year. This time a large number of people will be the market to squeeze, this is the mentality of taking advantage. Is this thing really cheap? Not necessarily, many of the same clothes on the market without this brand, the price may

Feeling, this is the real mentality of many buyers. If you sell a TV, even if you say, one dollar/pc, an experienced buyer will still answer, that's too expensive! this time is actually more a game, the price is no longer tied to the product, and more depends on the quality of negotiations.

As long as your product is unpopular, peer very few, foreign sales price you know, this time can be made so a little difference, and then a good price, quietly waiting for guests to counter-offer, and then round a round of negotiations. Talk about the price, talk about the price, the price is more time to talk about, so do not be afraid to scare the guests away, you do not talk about how to know not to do?

Former US secretary of State Henry Kissinger has said a very intriguing remark: "The knot at the negotiating table

The fruit depends to a large extent on the ability of a person to exaggerate his or her requirements. "So it's important to open up conditions that are above your expectations." This can be used not only for quotes, but also for bargaining, even during the job search process.

The pay issue is also well-tried.

These are just a few simple tips for quoting and negotiating, but be aware that the skill is only a complement to the negotiation, not the decision, the real decision, or the adequacy of preparation, the efficiency of the response, as well as the professionalism of the product and the market!

There is a very interesting word in the art of War: All the men who fought, to the right, to a singular victory. Therefore, the good is surprisingly, infinite as heaven and earth, inexhaustible such as Jianghai. The end and the beginning, the sun and the moon are also. Death and Rebirth, Four Seasons is also. The sound is not five, the change of five sounds, not

Can win to hear also, color but five, colored change, not win view also, taste but five, five change, not to win taste also, war potential but odd positive, strange positive change, not win poor also. Strange positive phase, such as the cycle of unprovoked, which can be poor!

The same is true of business negotiations, with the strength of the backing, that is, with the positive, and then supplemented by a number of techniques to facilitate the success of the negotiations, that is, the odd win. So the key to surprise is the real strength, from the perspective of foreign trade, is your product and your own professional degree! Even with Zhuge Liang, Kongchengji can only be used once, isn't it?

Price is king-how to talk to the customer about the price

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