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    • 3. Create a Bill of Lading for the plan protocol in vl10d
    1. Time dependent or not)

There are two completely different pricing methods in procurement Pricing

Time-Dependent conditions (also known as master condition). purchase information records and contracts are always time-related pricing. In the purchase information records, we can maintain different pricing for different time periods.

Time-independent conditions, also known as document conditon (document-related pricing). a purchase order is always priced on a document, and different prices cannot be set for different time periods in a purchase order.

By default, the quotation and plan protocol systems are time-related pricing. However, we can change the price to document pricing in the corresponding document type definition. The following uses the plan agreement as an example to describe the differences between the two.

2. Pricing-time-related pricing (plan agreement)

The validity period of the plan agreement is generally long. For example, for one year, the price may change during the year. The price for the first half of the year is 100 yuan, and the price for the second half is 150 yuan. This is also the reason why the system default plan protocol is time-related pricing.

Maintain the same item for the same row in the plan agreement. We can maintain multiple price validity periods like the purchase information record, as shown in Figure 9500000000 of the plan agreement.

2011-4-29-2011-5-1 price 100 yuan

2011-4-29-2011-4-30 price 200 yuan

The pricing date of the system default plan protocol is controlled to "receipt date", that is, the purchase unit price is determined based on the receipt date.

When the plan agreement is received, because the system sets a price based on the receipt date, specifically, the system calculates the purchase price based on the receipt credential's posting date, in this example, the receipt is twice, the transfer date is January 1, May 1. The number of transfers is 100. The unit price determined based on the transfer date is 100 yuan. The transfer date is January 1, May 11, and the number of transfers is 200 yuan. The unit price determined based on the transfer date is 200 yuan.

During invoice verification, the invoice is divided into two lines based on the purchase and receipt results, corresponding to different unit prices.

3. Pricing-pricing of documents (plan agreement)

1. Create an inter-company plan agreement,

Set pricing to document-related. one advantage is that the price of the sales invoice for the plan agreement purchased between companies can be directly taken from the purchase order.

Click the button to view the same pricing screen as the purchase order.

2. me38 maintenance plan agreement Delivery Plan

3. Create a Bill of Lading for the plan protocol in vl10d

4. vl02n ship the invoice. 5. Create a system invoice for vf01.

As shown in, we can see that the price of the inter-company invoice is taken from the price in the plan agreement.

Note: If the plan agreement uses time-related pricing, the price of the plan agreement cannot be copied to the sales invoice due to document pricing in the sales invoice.

4. Summary

Document pricing is the most common pricing model in SAP. Document pricing can achieve various complex pricing through the pricing process. Time-related pricing allows you to set different prices for different time periods, but it cannot implement Complicated pricing functions, such as the inability to use the routine function in pricing, the interface with the sales module does not work well.

The two are also very different in data storage.

If the plan protocol is time-related pricing, the pricing is recorded in Table a016 and connected to table konp through the condition record number.

If the plan agreement is priced in a document, the pricing is recorded in Ekko and linked to konv through the condition record number.

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