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In the frequent printing process, we often encounter the printer can not handle the failure of the paper, including a single page into multiple pages, the emergence of paper clips and the phenomenon of paper. So how do we respond to these failures? The following is the solution to the printer's inability to handle paper.

一、一次 Roll Multi-paper fault

Failure: If the paper storage time is too long, the surface will have moisture generation, this moisture may make more than one sheet of paper glued together, so easy to cause a printer a roll of more than one fault, and the static induction on the surface of papers can easily lead to more than one page is involved in the same time. In addition, the thickness of the paper will also have a more than a paper-volume phenomenon.

Solution: For a long time to put the paper can be placed on the starting copier to bake heat to remove moisture. If you want to eliminate the static induction of paper surface, then in the paper will be formally placed in the feed groove will be dispersed printing paper, to ensure that each sheet is not sticking together. In addition, if your printer has paper thickness adjustment function, you can adjust the function of the bar, the printer paper system thickness adjustment, of course, adjust the position of the bar to be adjusted several times to be in the most ideal state. In addition, in normal printing, the use of paper weight must reach more than 60 grams, if the use of less than 60 grams of ultra-thin paper, the printer is particularly easy to be involved in more than one piece of print.

Second, unable to enter the paper failure

Failure: printing paper is not involved is often encountered a fault, causing the failure of a lot of reasons, and the solution is to exclude.

Solution: First, open the printer's shell, to see if there are obstructions inside, because the printer inside if there is a paper group or paper jam, the printer's paper system of course can not work. Take away the obstacles and the printer will work properly. Second, check whether the print paper height placed in the feed slot exceeds the limit height mark on the guide rails on both sides of the feeder. If the paper in the paper height exceeds this standard, it may hinder the paper system of the normal roll paper, at this time must be properly placed in the appropriate amount of paper to the feed slot to eliminate the failure to enter the paper.

Again, to see if the printer is using the paper is the standard of the special printer, if the use of paper is too thick or too thin, it is possible to appear in the paper phenomenon. Finally, if it's an inkjet printer, you need to see the printer control Panel in the ink cartridge LED is working properly, if not normal, that the printer is missing ink or cartridge installed improperly, so that the printer will not automatically feed, this time only the first cartridge troubleshooting can eliminate the failure to enter the paper.

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