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The core of enterprise project management system construction is to establish enterprise project management methods. Currently, most organizations lack systematic and unified project management methods. Among the companies we have consulted, we often hear such questions: how can we manage all projects in one way? Especially for IT projects, the technical process is not uniform. How can we manage all projects in one way? From this, we can also see that many simple management methods can grow freely in various project organizations, however, in an enterprise, the relationship between projects is inevitable. Due to the lack of system management methods, mutual collaboration and cooperation often fall apart from each other, and conflicts emerge one after another, project managers and company leaders become fire fighters, with unclear responsibilities, poor coordination, and often stuck in a state where project managers are unable, the company's management is helpless, and project members are at a loss, it brings potential risks to the successful implementation of the project. What causes this problem? Is there a feasible solution to this problem?

A complete project management system is inseparable from the enterprise's industry background and business fields. The root cause of the above problems lies in the intersection of project management and business processes, the project management process is complicated and uncontrollable, which is the root cause why a set of methods cannot be applied to all projects.

The project operation of an enterprise includes three aspects: business process, project management, and technical work. How the business process operates is determined by the enterprise's industry characteristics and business background, project management is how to manage projects, while technical work is the technical means required to achieve the project objectives. For an enterprise, it is necessary to design corresponding management methods based on the business process and technical means of the enterprise to establish the enterprise's project management methodology.

The project management method is a structured method that can be applied in most projects. In practice, the project management method must be based on industry characteristics, establish a project management system suitable for industry characteristics.

According to the theory of project management, the project management process is divided into start-up, plan, implementation, and end-up by stage. We can divide any project based on this stage. This is the commonality of the project, the project personality is the business and technical aspects of the project. For specific enterprises, the division of the project stage is determined by the business process and technical methods. during the implementation process, customizes specific projects. The core of the project management methodology is to build a set of one-stop service guides and templates including technologies, tools, and management skills based on the characteristics of all projects. In this way, the project management methodology is used to coordinate the project management methods and business processes, and optimize the management methods in practice.

An important manifestation of the project management methodology is the project management manual, which is an important means for organizations to standardize the project standard management process, ensure effective implementation of the project through correct decisions, efficient processes, standard operations, and controllable processes.

The basic methods for preparing enterprise project management manuals can be divided into three layers: one is the theoretical knowledge system of project management. Currently, the mainstream project management knowledge system is widely used in the world, including the Project Management Knowledge System guide PMBOK launched by the American Project Management Association (PMI), the project management method developed by the British Ministry of Commerce, Prince2 successful project management, which can be used as theoretical support. Second, the management of projects implemented by multinational corporations in terms of management methods. The project management experience of famous Chinese enterprises can be used as the basis for best practices, on this basis, it is a summary of the enterprise's project management practices. The project management process of an enterprise can be sorted, defined, and referenced from three layers to solidify the project management method of the enterprise.

Specifically, the project management manual describes the process of converting project input to output. The project management process, project implementation support, project monitoring methods, and project operation guidance are defined through the project stage process, systematically integrate with the project management theory and product requirements into specific operation practices. It includes the following content:

1. project Process Control phase division: two types of processes are usually considered. One is to divide the project process based on the project management process. The other is to divide the project process based on the technical process of the project, divide the project process into stages. The business process of an enterprise mainly focuses on the project management phase division. When a Project Manager executes and manages a project, it must combine the project management phase with the project technical phase division, project Management.
2.Stage input and output: including data and information, plans and reports, risks and deliverables;
3.Process control: Includes workflows, work methods, operation rules, and job guidance;
4.Role responsibilities: in practice, project management responsibilities cannot be simply attributed to a project manager, but are completed by a group of roles, including the contribution of functional departments and roles to the project stage and implementation steps.
The Project Management Manual compiled in accordance with the project management methodology organically integrates the project management methods in the project implementation process with the business processes and technical methods of the enterprise, this allows you to establish business processes with project management as the core.

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