PS Draw a New Year greeting card with the childlike gift

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The effect of drawings for the pure hand-drawn, the author in the production of his own personal experience, the screen is very vivid, and with a thick childlike, see the picture as if back to childhood ...

Final effect

1, first of all you have to have a reason to draw a picture, because fast New year, want to whole a picture of the new Year. Then the inspiration came, and suddenly thought of the spring Festival as a child the most afraid of things. "Set off firecrackers" so there is.

2, I think the great God will draw several kinds of appearance, I am lazy, this bar.

So next, make sure the painting wind. Since it is the Chinese New year, it must be the wind, I am more like the Chinese wind and modern combination, brush is also from the Internet under the brush brush.

Then collect some works of great God, such as I admire a great God Panda-mei, very like his painting wind, including lines, colors and so on, for reference, should not be copied it. If the great God sees to give me the direction, hehe.

3, then is the composition, very important.

4, OK, composition I have not learned, also do not know what I thought at that time, drew a round, casually from the PS hook, look for a feeling. Composition for me is nothing but a circle, rectangular, triangular, you can draw a circle, reduce transparency, put the top layer, see if there is no deviation.

5, the next one, this regiment of meat, as I did not learn to draw, painting a whole afternoon.

6, the picture of a good meat phone film down, put the entire composition, looking for location.

7, to continue, I first give the characters a simple color.

8, the whole again on a color.

9, in fact, the process is wrong, it should be finished painting the line and then color, but I am capricious, you do not learn me ...

My process is very messy, because the whole process is very painful, I think it is not easy to see how the painting, so want to see the color first look good not, to the novice is also a difficult problem, will let you do not want to continue to paint, this time I will look back to see the works of great God, told himself after the painting is this feeling, there will be power, that is, grinding time!

"To believe that good works must be time-consuming."

Then continue to draw on the color of the works of great God, and then draw some details of the draft, rich picture, looking for a feeling.


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