PS teach you to draw festive and good-looking New Year illustrations

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This is the first time to take out to share with you, feel bad, don't hit me Oh ~

Authoring Time: Two days

Tools: PS Hand-painted board (more than 100 pieces of money)

Note: This article for beginners, the great God please automatically drift through ~

Less nonsense, first on the final effect diagram:

I don't think it's good to go ...

Cough ~ Next, is the process of my creation ~

First of all you have to have a reason to draw a picture, because fast New year, want to whole a picture of the new Year.

You can also because of bad mood to hit, the whole of a hit figure.

can also because want to take a crap, the whole of a picture of the poop



Then the inspiration came, and suddenly thought of the spring Festival as a child the most afraid of things.

"Set off firecrackers."

And then there's the

I think the great God will draw several kinds of appearance, I am lazy, this is it.

So next, make sure the painting wind. Since it is the Chinese New year, it must be the wind, I am more like the Chinese wind and modern combination, brush is also from the Internet under the brush brush.

Then collect some works of great God, such as I admire a great God Panda-mei, very like his painting wind, including lines, colors and so on, for reference, should not be copied it

If the great God sees to give me the direction, hehe!

Great God's work, isn't it?

Then it's the composition, it's important.

OK, composition I have not learned, also do not know what I thought at that time, drew a round, casually from PS tick hook, look for a feeling.

Composition for me is nothing but a circle, rectangular, triangular, you can draw a circle, reduce transparency, put the top, see if there is no deviation

(look!) The cloud in the lower left corner runs out of the circle.

Then this, this meat, as I did not learn to draw, painted a whole afternoon!!!

(People really #¥% difficult to draw!)

Why do you want to paint this kind of meat for kids?

It's a photo shoot!

What's the middle point?

Meat is not meat, you know why I call the meat pocket it ~

Pull away ....

Take a picture of a meat cell phone and put it in the entire composition, looking for a location.

To continue, I first gave the characters a simple color.

The whole is a color again.

In fact, the process is wrong, it should be the line finished painting and then color, but I am capricious, you do not learn me ...

My process is very messy, because the whole process is very painful, I think it is not easy to see how the painting, so want to see the color first look good not, to the novice is also a difficult problem, will let you do not want to continue to paint, this time I will look back to see the works of great God, told himself after the painting is this feeling, there will be power, that is, grinding time!

"To believe that good works must be time-consuming."

Then continue to draw on the color of the works of great God, and then draw some details of the draft, rich picture, looking for a feeling.

Yes, I'm feeling it. Continue to optimize drafts.

Further describe the details, pay attention to the unity of color, such as hamburgers, firecrackers, are the color of the clothes.

(I don't know if this is right, look good on the line)

At this time the novice will ask, how to draw the details ah?

Don't worry, look down.

The best way is to compare the painting, Baidu search material will always! (search VCDs are so able to search)

Painting can not be exactly the same, after all, not realistic, good-looking on the line.

(The following is the details, you can point to open the big picture, the phone across)


The details of the Big thunder, add some light and shadow what

Dog details, later to be portrayed

Character Detail Description

Continue to further characterize the whole, such as banners, mainly used here for reference to the great God's painting, cloud Shadow, and then add some hand-painted shadow lines, make the picture more feel

After repeated training, and finally from the background layer above a layer of paper grain material:

Finish the job.

Keep your layers in the process of painting.

Whether you draw or do design, you must develop this habit!!!

(Just like you do with several G folders on your hard drive.) )

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