PS to the new in the shade of the tree plus the atmosphere rays

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PS to the new in the shade of the tree plus the atmosphere rays

Material pictures of the very atmosphere, the composition is also very in place, but the sky part of the white, the effect is not very ideal. When dealing with the first part of the sky into the light material, and then the main color and dark color of the dark, high light area rendering some of the sun, and finally enhance the character of the Shadow can


Final effect

1, open the original material large image, create a new layer, the foreground color set to black, and then use the transparency of: about 10% of the soft side of the brush to the bottom of the area painted dark, the following figure.

< map 1>

2, press CTRL + ALT + 2 to bring up the high light selection, press CTRL + Shift + I to select the dark selection, then create the curve adjustment layer, the RGB, red, green, blue channel adjustment, parameters and effects as shown below. This step darkens the dark part of the picture and increases the blue-purple and red.

< map 2>

< map 3>

3. Use Lasso tool to check out the selections shown in Figure 5, feather 25 pixels, create a curve adjustment layer, adjust the RGB channel, set the parameters as Figure 4, and then press CTRL + ALT + G to create a clipping mask. This step also darkens the bottom area of the picture.

< map 4>

< map 5>

4, create a new layer, using Lasso tool to check out the selection shown in the following figure, feather 50 pixels filled with filled orange: #D09061, determined not to cancel the selection, the blending mode to "soft light", the following figure.

< map 6>

5, to maintain the selection, create brightness/contrast adjustment layer, increase brightness and contrast, parameters and effects as shown below.

< map 7>

< map 8>


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