#puppet # Issues with the new puppet

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The version I installed is 3.7.4

Recently, because of the installation of Saltstack, do not know why the salt command is very slow (high CPU utilization), and temporarily found no solution (suspicion is a bug), so roll back to the world of puppet

Reference to this information, the installation of puppet:https://docs.puppetlabs.com/guides/install_puppet/install_debian_ubuntu.html

Puppetmaster and Puppet (agent) are installed on master and agent respectively, but the default agent is not enabled.

So, edit:/etc/default/puppet file, change the Start=no to Yes:

# Defaults for puppet-sourced by/etc/init.d/puppet# Enable puppet agent service?# Setting this to "yes" allows the Pupp The ET agent service to run.# Setting the "No" keeps the puppet agent service from running. start=yes# Startup optionsdaemon_opts= ""

Re-execution: service puppet start

The following warning pops up later when the command is executed on the agent or master:

[email protected]:~# puppet agent  --server workgroup0.hzg.com --testWarning: Setting templatedir is  deprecated. see http://links.puppetlabs.com/env-settings-deprecations    (at /usr /lib/ruby/vendor_ruby/puppet/settings.rb:1139:in  ' issue_deprecation_warning ') Info: Caching  Certificate for cainfo: csr_attributes file loading from /etc/puppet/csr_ attributes.yamlinfo: creating a new ssl certificate request for  workgroup1.hzg.cominfo: certificate request fingerprint  (SHA256):  58:F4:2B:86:1B:26:D 8:cf:24:34:c3:5f:c5:c9:46:37:11:65:26:f1:72:c0:ac:e4:a9:c3:6a:bf:f4:70:26:e8info: caching  Certificate for caexiting; no certificate found and waitforcert is  disabled 

The warning reads as follows:

Warning:setting Templatedir is deprecated. See Http://links.puppetlabs.com/env-settings-deprecations (at/usr/lib/ruby/vendor_ruby/puppet/settings.rb:1139: In ' issue_deprecation_warning ')

Reference here: https://tickets.puppetlabs.com/browse/PUP-2566

Put the/etc/puppet/puppet.conf file in the:

# templatedir= $confdir/templates

Comment out.

#puppet # Issues with the new puppet

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