QNX system porting for crank engineering

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QNX system porting for crank engineeringCrank Development

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Development software: Crank Storyboard Designer, you can apply for a 30-day trial version of the software on the Crank company's website. Crank company website

Hardware Device: Ti am335x Starter Kit platform.

Operating system:QNX Neutrino 6.5

Architecture: Armle

Crank is a software company dedicated to innovating embedded graphical user interface solutions. Crank software provides products and services that enable UI designers and development and design teams to quickly develop rich animation user interfaces in resource-constrained embedded devices.

First, Emport Stroryboard sample, run Crank Storyboard Designer, click File->new->storyboard Sample, as shown, select Trend and click Finish.

Second, first configure Storyboard designer,installing New Storyboard Embedded runtimes. My shared resources are documented in the documentation.

Third, Target Configuration

(1) Application Files. Taking trend project as an example

A Storyboard application file (required). Trend.gapp

A Scripts directory (optional).

An images directory (optional).

A fonts directory (optional).

For starters, you can copy the trend folder directly to the QNX system. Then trim as needed.

(2) Engine Plugins

For each supported operating system and architecture to provide a corresponding engine execution environment, the target system needs to configure environment variables (Ld_library_path, gre_plugins), can be set by running the following command in the QNX system

Export Ld_library_path=/mnt/fs/crank/lib$ld_library_path

Export Gre_plugins=/mnt/fs/crank/lib

(3) System specific Requirements ——— Neutrino advanced Graphics

Requirements: The program runs in GF mode, photon must be turned off.

After all the preparation is required, start the QNX system and run the following command

Sbengine-v-oaudio,/mnt/fs/crank/trend/trend.gapp &

Results show

QNX system porting for crank engineering

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