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First, Altera Quartus II 11.0 Kit Introduction

So-called paddle, strong hardware and software skills, and more creative thinking, no software platform, but also in vain. Therefore, everything created by the platform--quartus II software installation, opened by 0 of the world, then began.

Since bingo 2009 began to contact Fpga,quartus II version of the software from the 5.1 version of n years ago to today's latest release of 11.0, have been used, of course, for the software core framework, original aim. Although a bit of a bug, but these more than 10 versions developed to now, can see Altera has been working hard, dedicated to a more perfect user interface, faster comprehensive speed of software development.

Although a lot of old engineers do not recommend actively update the software, but once the visual impact, version of the update, withstand the old, using 11.0 in a sense, there is a great advantage. This book takes the installation of the Quartus II 11.0 software as an example, as an installation guide.

In addition, the installation is similar to the previous version of Quartus II 10.0, Bingo has written "Quartus II 9.1 Installation Guide. pdf" for


Or browse the Web online:



If necessary, please download it yourself.

For Quartus II 11.0, the most basic kit contains the following three parts:

(1) Quartus II 11.0 for Windows software

(2) Quartus II 11.0 Devices for Windows Hardware Library

(3) Altera-modelsim for Windows third-party emulator

Second, Quartus II 11.0 kit Download 1. Quartus II 11.0 Kit Download

Quartus II 11.0 is somewhat different from the previous software and has several different places:

(1) Quartus II 9.1 software comes with a simulation component, and then the software no longer contains this component, so you must simulate the installation of Modelsim.

(2) Quartus II 9.1 software comes with a hardware library, does not require additional download installation, and 10.0 starts

Additional download of the hardware library is required and a separate installation is available.

(3) The software prior to Quartus II 11.0 requires an additional download of the Nios II component if required on the system, and 11.0 begins Quartus II software with Nios II components.

(4) Quartus II 9.1 software comes with SOPC components, while Quartus 10.0 comes with SOPC Qsys two components, but starting from 10.1, Quartus II contains Qsys components.

(5) Quartus II 10.1 Before the software includes a clock synthesis, that is, settings contains Timequest Timing Analyzer, and Classic Timing Analyzer, However, after the 10.1 version contains only timequset time Analyzer, SDC is required to constrain timing.

(6) Strange, is it to adapt to China's national conditions:

A) Quartus II 8.0 version, can be entered in Chinese can also display Chinese;

b) After Quartus II 8.0, the version of Quartus II 9.1 can be displayed in Chinese but cannot be entered in Chinese;

c) After Quartus II 9.1, the Quartus II 11 version cannot be entered in Chinese, nor can it be displayed in Chinese;

d) Quartus II 11.0 is currently the latest version, can display Chinese characters, but also can be able to input English.

There are two ways to download the software:

(1) can go to the official website to download the latest software, the address is


You can download the free web version or the order version (cracked version) as needed.

(2) can be downloaded in Altera FTP with Thunderbolt (support for the continuation of the breakpoint), the address is:


As shown, here are the components that must be downloaded (for XP systems):

A. 11.0_quartus_windows.exe:quartus II software

B. 11.0_devices_windows.exe:quartus II Hardware Library

C. 11.0_modelsim_ase_windows.exe:altera Modelsim simulation software

2. Quartus II crack Download

Originally did not want to introduce this chapter of the book, seems a bit against the moral bar. But in order to get greater benefits, and to meet the industry's countless beginners ignorant ignorance, I have to write down this, as well as the following steps to crack. Bingo through the online search, as well as part of the accumulation, uploaded quartus II 6.1~11.0 version of the software crack, for:

http://www.chinaaet.com/lib/detail.aspx?id=86253 please download it yourself.

III. QUARTUS II 11.0 Kit Installation

1. Quartus II 11.0 Software Installation

(1) Download good software, the first is decompression, this step does not elaborate, it is important to note that the software storage directory can not have Chinese, illegal characters, etc., otherwise it will cause decompression or installation failure, unable to respond.

(2) Open the setup application in 11.0_quartus_windows, all the way next, until the installation directory selection, note that the Chinese and the space and other paths can not appear. As follows:

(3) The installation has been selected by default Nios II, if not necessary can not check, as follows:

(4) Start the installation, the interface is as follows:

(5) Silence, wait for the installation is complete ...

(6) Installation complete, ok,ok,finish! As follows:

(7) Reorganization, delete 64bit system (first), Retain 32bit software application. As follows:

(8) Tolerance (because not cracked, post-hack), ignore (because no device installed, next installation), ok,ok! As follows:

2. Quartus II 11.0 Devices Installation

(1) First step decompression notes above Quartus II software installation, not detailed here.

(2) Open 11.0_devices_windows application Setup.exe, all the way next, until the following interface appears, select the appropriate installation directory for Quartus II (this will cause the installation to fail).

(3) Depending on the hardware library you have chosen, as shown in:

(4) Next, silent, wait for the installation to complete ...

(5) Finish, ok!

3. Quartus II 11.0 software hack

(1) Get the native IP physical address

A) Open the software, Tools-lcense Setup, copy the following interface ID (001E90B676FD)

b) Run the-cmd-input command "Ipconfig/all" to get the Physical address (001E90B676FD)

(2) Turn off the antivirus software and open the Quartus_11.0x86 cracker (Win7 run in compatibility mode).

(3) Click Apply, prompt not to find the file, find the installation directory of the Quartus\bin\sys_cpt.dll file, select, crack in the same directory to replace Sys_cpt.dll, generate License.bat license file.

(4) Finished running, the following interface. Exit.

(5) Locate the License.vat in the D:\altera\11.0\quartus\bin directory and open it in Notepad mode. As above, use one of the two methods in (1) to get ID:001E90B676FD, go to replace xxxxxxxxxxxx, save, and delete the following Chinese, get 2.

(6) Re-open the software in "Days Trial" mode, open Tool-license Setup,

Re-select the License.bat file in the above directory, click to confirm re-import data, the system found the host ID, valid until 2035.12, to this point, the hack is complete.

Note: With regard to cracking, not only this one method, the so-called cracker function, also just replaces the Sys_cpt.dll file with the generated License.bat file. Because, special circumstances (operation error or lazy time), you can copy the above two files from the same version of other computer software Altera\quartus\bin directory, directly replace, and then according to the local physical address, modify License.bat, and finally in License_ Setup can also be a new configuration.

4. Modelsim_altera_ase Software Installation

Here's a question, why use the ASE version? Because ASE is Altera start edition, is the starter version, free, AE is Altera edition, is NB version, need to crack, support more features bar.

But for us, the ASE version is enough. If you want to install the AE version, please refer to the Tutorial bingo that year, the Web address is as follows:


AE version is just one more crack, installation is relatively simple. Bingo installs 11.0_altera_modelsim_ase_windows.exe here as a tutorial. The steps are as follows:

(1) Open the installation directory of Setup, all the way next, until you select the path, select the same path as the Quartus II installation directory. As shown in the following:

(2) Continue Next, silence, wait for the installation to complete ...

(3) After installation, the following interface appears:

(4) ok,finish!

(5) Open Quartus II, open the menu tool-options, Modelsim-altera in the EDA Tool options, select the root directory of the Moldelsim-altera application, Configure the Modelsim-altera application third-party software path. As shown in the following:

The Altera-modelsim ASE version is now installed.

Iv. Quartus II Kit User Guide

About the use of Quartus II suite, whether it is a privileged classmate of the "in-depth play to FPGA" or domestic and foreign books, online textbooks, a lot of information. But still look at the official more reliable, more convenient, flip through, do not understand on the look. Chinese translation version is also available, bingo specifically uploaded the "Quartus II use Tutorial" and "Altera_modelsim simulation material", different versions of the use of the same, as follows:

Quartus II Official Tutorial: http://www.chinaaet.com/lib/detail.aspx?id=86258

Altera_modelsim Simulation Data: http://www.chinaaet.com/lib/detail.aspx?id=86257

Quartus II 11.0 start using

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