Revolution is a revolution.

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1. The beginning of the paper is a form, and I admit it is relatively empty, because the specific content is in the internal text. Maybe it should be true in the future? Let me think about it. However, I think there is no shortage of Chinese programmers at all. The problem with Chinese programmers is that they are too real. They cannot accept anything that is ambitious, and they do not have enough understanding of the industry and the world, I like myself to practice martial arts in a small room, and I will be excited when I make a little thing. I boast that I can't understand the great scale of changes, if you don't understand it, you can't give it a career point. People often release things for several years. They are still skeptical and resistant, and don't hit the south wall. This happened several times. If this is the case, it's certainly not good. It's good to be stable for a lifetime. You can say that he is happy with the status quo, But the strange thing is that he is old and confused. He is always worried and asks himself, "Is it true that he will do this all his life ?". You said that he is eager for change, but he is particularly angry and disdainful about industrial change. All in all, when I talk about the status quo, it seems to be a class under oppression. How can I hear other people talk about the revolution and reveal the faces of vested interests? I don't understand that.

2. I know very well that the word "Revolution" is no longer a fashionable word. Now it is an era in which I hate to accompany a few tears of sympathy when I hear the "anti-revolution. I also know that the word "Revolution" in the IT circle is abused. However, I never used to include the revolutionary hats in official and serious technical trends comments. I don't think they deserve them. Now, I use the word "revolution". Naturally, there is my truth. The revolution is the revolution, and it is nothing else. So we have to use this word. If you are tired of hearing it elsewhere, you can't blame me, and I can't help it.

3. from now on, programmers magazine and csdn website will organize a series of interviews, reports and topics, as well as offline activities to prove the reasons, objectives, content, and situation of this technological change. When we look for something, we will make up our minds to do it. In the past, big companies used to push new and new technology concepts. The wind on the left and the wind on the right. Programmers dance with the wind, but they do not like the wind. This time, based on our exchanges with technical experts at home and abroad and with major companies, we made our own judgments on the general trend of the IT industry development and proposed the concept of "It 2.0 revolution, the first attempt to help ambitious developers better grasp the future trend and design their own development is justified. In this case, we will certainly exert the inherent propaganda power of the media, but the main identity is the industry observer and analyst, and the service provider, we want to organize and integrate the views of people of insight in the industry and spread them out. We hope to help China's IT industry, especially the developer community, with sincerity.

4. csdn will cooperate with leading foreign technical media to hold high-level technical conferences in the name of this topic during the year. This is clearly a manifestation of our confidence and determination.

5. Why is it a revolution? Because a new goal is put forward and a new method is adopted, a new pattern will emerge, bringing it into a new stage. In addition, there is always an object in the revolution, and some people's "lives" will be replaced. Some people will pay the opportunity cost and miss out on the benefits they can gain, while others will simply lose the opportunity. Some people will clearly know that they have been killed, but most people will not know their lives. Sometimes they complain about God and lament that they have not made the best use of it, after complaining, you still have a safe little day. Only those who take the initiative to welcome the revolution will be the beneficiaries of the revolution and will have the opportunity to see a bigger situation.

6. This revolution has a special significance for programmers. It will lead to programmer differentiation. Programmers have been differentiation, but none of them will be more intense than this differentiation, with more profound impact. For people of insight who can grasp the pulse of change, this revolution will enable them to tap into core business from the IT perspective and fully realize personal value. Those self-built companies have some dedicated technical skills, blindly arrogant, unable to take the initiative to understand business and industrial trends, and cannot examine system developers at a higher level, will gradually fall into a blue-collar situation in stages. Note that programmers in China and Europe and America are more helpless than they think. Marx said: "The more workers produce, the larger the number of products they possess, the fewer products they possess, and the poorer they are. The higher the value of products created by workers, he became a cheap commodity by himself. That is to say, the labor products of workers have become their own opposites and the forces that govern themselves. The more powerful the products they create, the more powerful they are to govern themselves, and the less powerful they are." Try it yourself.

7. It 2.0 is called because the goal of this revolution is different from that of the past, not in it or technology, but in the relationship between it and people. Since its birth, it was designed to support the operation of human organizations and businesses and serve people. However, due to the limitations in the development stages of ideas, technologies, and other aspects, the relationship between people and it is distorted. If people need to work for IT services and machines, it will give people a bit of face, and their dominant position will be lost. In this revolution, we need to solve this problem, let people go back to the subject, and let it truly serve people. It has become a random and changing nervous system of human organizations and society because it provides better services for people and achieves its rising position.

8. Not a single technology can accomplish this revolution independently. It must be coordinated development of multiple technological changes in order to achieve a revolution from development to O & M, from methods to supporting architectures. The most important technology trends are SOA, Web 2.0, Dynamic Language, and agile method (not only in development, but also in business), DSL, DDD, etc. In the future, this list will have new names and old names deleted. But their goals are the same.

9. More detailed analysis will be introduced later. Both csdn and magazine will organize relevant reports and discussions.

10. The concept is a little big, and it is hard to understand big concepts. Concepts that really affect a lot are all false, such as Oo, component, architecture, and patterns. Which one can be seen and touched at the beginning? Who can say that they have no teachers to do without any effort? This is normal. The valuable thing is that you can get it with your brains. Of course, it is not as practical as creating a nightclub. It doesn't really matter if you can't understand it at the moment. It's a pleasure to learn and understand it together in the whole community. Do not many people understand the things mentioned above? We are still learning and understanding this 2.0 revolution and are more willing to build a platform to promote exchanges and understandings. I don't know much about it. I am not humble or sensitive. It seems that there cannot be anything I don't understand in this world. If people talk about new technologies, they will be very proud of themselves, the new concept is hypes, and the new technology that cannot be understood at all is a flicker, which is not very good. To put it bluntly, this is a lack of confidence. This kind of psychological quality should not be involved in it, the Earth is too dangerous, and it is good to go back to Mars to support the elderly.

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