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According to foreign media reports, there is now some demand for SOA services via the Internet. Dana Gardner, the boss of Cape Clear, an American ESB provider, has talked to the media about the possibility of providing SOA, an ESB as an integrated service. Shortly thereafter, his company provided ESB services to users through cloud computing.

Dana Gardner said that the SOA tools and platforms provided through cloud computing should be attractive to small and medium-sized enterprises, because the project to deploy SOA will require too much time and expertise for small and medium-sized enterprises, and it will require later maintenance to make SMEs feel burdened. Therefore, providing SOA services through the cloud should be a good solution.

Foreign media call this trend "SOA gets Saasy", which we translate into "SaaS SOA", which provides SOA services through the SaaS model.

SOA and SaaS were once hailed as large and small s in software circles. They are sometimes called sisters, sometimes seen as joy enemy, sometimes seemingly pair, and sometimes they have to come together.

The concept of SOA and SaaS must be differentiated. The combination of SOA and SaaS can be a trend. SOA does not seem to be "SaaS" in China.

Don't confuse SOA with SaaS-related conceptual parsing

Soa,service oriented architecture, service oriented architecture; Saas,software as a service, software is services. If you call SOA and SaaS as a pair of sisters, the blood is probably the service. Although it is related to the service, but the connotation is very different.

To understand SOA from a business perspective, it is to reuse and integrate some old software systems of the enterprise, to build a loosely coupled software system, and to combine the new software to serve the enterprise's system conveniently. Enables the system to be more flexible and adaptable as the business changes.

From a technical point of view, Soa,soa is actually the further development of the system analysis design thought, its idea goes beyond the object concept, everything takes the service as the core, and the service is composed of the component, the component is a set of several operations, the operation corresponds to the program function of the concrete realization. Services are identified through the analysis of the business process model. Each service can implement several functions that are implemented by components rather than by operations. A component is a collection of calls to an operation, the smallest unit of service functionality implementation, not the smallest unit of program implementation.

In a specific implementation, SOA ideas can be implemented as long as the technology that provides services, such as Web service, RMI, Remoting, CORBA, JMS, MQ, even JSP, servlet, etc. In addition, it can be improved by distributed transaction processing and distributed software State management. But if you want these services to be used more widely, or to be recognized by everyone on the Internet, then you will have to follow certain rules. Standards in this category are soap, Java API for xml-based RPC (RPC), WSDL and ws-* specifications, and so on. In addition, it requires security, policy management, reliable messaging, and the support of the accounting system.

Intuitively, SOA can be viewed as a modular component, with each module implementing its own functions, with different pieces offering different services. Using SOA, the mess system is structured into one module, which facilitates the maximum utilization of it and increases the degree of reuse. Primeton Software has a flexible transformation and can ever-changing splicing of Lego toys to do the analogy, it is evident.

When it comes to SOA, you can't talk about an ESB. An ESB is a new software object that is added to the framework of the SOA architecture. This object is the Enterprise service Bus (Enterprise service bus,esb), which uses a number of possible messaging protocols to handle the appropriate control flow and possibly even the transmission of all messages between services. Although an ESB is not absolutely necessary, it is a vital component in the proper management of business processes in an SOA. The ESB itself can be a single engine, or even a distributed system composed of many sibling and subordinate ESB working together to keep the SOA system running. Conceptually, it evolved from the storage and forwarding mechanisms established by computer science concepts such as Message Queuing and Distributed transaction computing in the early stages.

In relation to SOA, there are SCA and sod. As service-oriented architectures evolve and mature, developers and architects face a growing number of programming interfaces, transport protocols, data sources, and other details. Service Component Architecture (SCA) and Service Data Objects (SDO) can provide a single programming interface for a variety of services and data sources.

SaaS is a mode of software service delivery, a mode of deploying software as a managed service and accessed over the Internet. The advent of SaaS as an effective software delivery mechanism has created opportunities for IT departments to shift their focus from deployment and support applications to the services they provide to manage these applications. Not only can the portal provide services to users, but they can also provide services through other means, such as APIs, WSDL, and so on.

SaaS convenience, cost savings, by many companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, but the rights of SaaS control, security issues may give users some scruples.

The difference between SOA and SaaS can probably be summed up in the following points.

1.SOA includes things about how software is structured, and SaaS is about how software is applied.

2. In SaaS, an application can be delivered like any service, like the voice of a telephone in your home, which seems to be tailored to your needs. And the definition of SOA has nothing to do with it. SOA-supported services are discrete, reusable transactions that, together, constitute a business process that extracts abstract code from a basic system of work.

3.SOA is a framework approach, while SaaS is a delivery model.

4. Delivering Web services through SaaS does not require SOA.

5.SaaS mainly refers to a software enterprise to provide software services to other enterprises. SOA, in general, is the foundation of a system within an enterprise. SaaS focuses on the thinking that provides service. SOA, however, focuses on the thinking of implementing services.

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