Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 (T719C/32GB) flatbed test

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 (T719C/32GB) flatbed test

Released in June 2016, the purchase price for September 8, 2016 is 2800 yuan.

GALAXY Tab S2 t719c (4G version) with ARM architecture Qualcomm S652 processor, 1.4GHz processor frequency, 1.8GHz Turbo, eight core design, 3GB of running memory, 32GB storage memory,

EMMC storage media, support micro SD (TF) card, maximum support 128GB, support dual-band WiFi, and Support mobile 4G, Unicom 4G Network and backward compatibility, support Bluetooth 4.1 module. Android 6.0 System.

F1.9 Aperture 800W camera. Built-in GPS navigation, support GLONASS navigation, Li-ion battery 4000 mah, support play 4K video. Ultra-thin 5.6 mm design.

The front features a 8-inch screen resolution 2048x1536 322PPI density display that supports multi-touch and fingerprint-reading screens, retina screens, Super amoled screens, and 16 million colors.

CPU: Qualcomm Qualcomm Snapdragon 652

4x arm cortex-a72 MPcore + 4x arm cortex-a53 MPcore


The real picture is as follows

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One, the Ann Rabbit Evaluation v6.21, score.

The result of running 77862 points is 1.61 times times that of Huawei M2 tablet.

650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" Ann Bunny Evaluation 6.21 Full-image. jpg "alt=" wkiom1frbjqabs4oaao5fri-hx4634.jpg "/>

650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "style=" float: none; "title=" Ann Rabbit Evaluation 6.21 rating. png "alt=" Wkiol1fra_jsmpjnaaics-pyg0i450.png "/>


Second, 3dmark.v1.5.3, score.

Run out of 876 points, compared to the Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 (t715c) 704 points, a lot higher.

650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" 3Dmark . _1.5.3 rating. jpg "alt=" wkiol1frbrar8g5zaajmm6twg2i790.jpg "/>


Third, BenchmarkV4, score.

Run out of 1420/3762 points, compared to the Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 (t715c) 1137/3841 points, a tie.

650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" BenchmarkV4 full-image. jpg "alt=" wkiom1frbcrho4_zaad8vpalts4220.jpg "/>


Iv. PCmarkV1.4.35, score.

Run out of 5704 score,

650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" Pcmask test. png "alt=" Wkiol1frcjnbl0m5aamfth_3tqe490.png "/>

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 (T719C/32GB) flatbed test

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