Samsung S7 sm-g9300 (6.0.1) mobile phone screenshots/screenshot (4 screenshots method)

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Samsung mobile phone sm-g9300 support screenshots, if you want to use this feature, follow these steps:

Note: 1. You cannot intercept screen images while using certain applications and features.
2. Screenshot save path: "Utility"-"My Files"-"Device Storage"-"DCIM"-"screenshots" folder.

Method One: Shortcut icon screenshot.

1. In the page where you want to intercept the screen image, drop down the top screen menu.

2. Slide the shortcut icon to the left.

3. Click on the "Intercept screen" shortcut icon can be cut screen.

method Two: shortcut key screenshot.

While holding down the primary screen key and the "power" button on the right side of the phone, the screenshot is successful when the "captured screen capture" icon appears above the screen.

Method Three: Gesture screen.

1. In standard mode, slide to the left of the main screen page.

2. Click "Settings".

3. Slide up the screen and click on "Advanced Features".

4. Click on "Palm Slide Screen".

5. Click the "Off" right slider to show "on" on behalf of the feature has been turned on.

When you are done, slide your palm from one side to the other on the screen to capture the screen and keep the palm in touch with the screen as you slide.

method Four: Assistant menu screenshot.

1. In standard mode, slide the screen to the left.

2. Click "Settings".

3. Slide up the screen and click "Accessibility".

4. Click on "Agility and interactivity".

5. Click on "Assistant Menu".

6. Click the "Off" right slider to show "on" on behalf of the feature has been turned on. (Note: The Enable Assistant menu automatically enables click Mode.) )

7. After the opening, the screen can appear assistant menu icon, click on the icon.

8. Turn down to Page Three and click on "screenshot".

Note: If the cell phone does not screen properly, it is recommended that you:
1. Check the operation mode is correct.
2. If the method is correct still cannot realize, need to back up important data (contact person, photograph, memo, etc.) Restore factory setting.
If the problem persists, we recommend that you carry the purchase invoices, repair cards and mobile phones to the local Samsung after-sales service center, by professional engineers to help you detect.

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