Samsung S6 edge+ mobile phone action and gesture use and common problems solution

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Samsung S6 edge+ mobile phone action and gesture use

Through the action and gesture function, you can achieve body sense dialing, smart tips, flip mute and palm slide screen. The specific use of the following methods:

1. In standard mode, slide the screen to the left.

2. Click "Set".

3. Slide up the screen and click "Action and Gesture".

4. Slide left or right to the top half of the screen, you can display different actions and gestures instructions and operations, you can according to your needs of the corresponding function on or off, here to open the "mute" as an example.

5. After the function is turned on, when you have a call or alarm clock, you can put the palm on the screen or flip the device to turn off the sound of incoming calls and alarm clocks.

S6edge gesture induction suddenly failed.

In fact, Samsung S6 and Samsung S6 Edge induction Failure is not a hardware problem, but a system problem, the reason is very simple, only need you in a key to clean up the software memory, the GLANCEVIEWMK this file ignore clean up on the line. GLANCEVIEWMK clean up, the cell phone induction is no use.
First need to open gestures can not, even if the solution is not normal use. Mobile Phone settings---my device---gestures and gestures---gesture sensing.

Small part reviews:

I believe you see the previous Samsung S6 and S6edge gesture Induction Suddenly failure method, should know how to operate it, come and try it.

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