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My friends sent me an email saying that most of my first tutorials were based on the SAP bw3.5 software environment. Most of the new sap bw systems are SAP bi7.0. It seems that sap Bi 7.0 has some adjustments to the software interface in a few places. How nice is your tutorial Based on SAP bi7.0? (Just a hope ).

I understand this hope for beginners. Think about it. How should I reply to his mail? When I created this tutorial from last March to October, SAP bi7.0 was rarely mentioned (I am not sure about its official release diary ).

First, describe my situation: for completed courses, it takes a lot of spiritual strength and time to prepare such training courses, do I want to create another version based entirely on SAP bi7.0? It's a boring thing for me to repeat it once, especially when I talk to my computer, without an audience, it's very lonely. I have already imagined that there are many audiences in front of me. It is really hard for me to find the power of "coming again". The mental power of doing things for the first time is gone. In addition, last year I was very idle. I can spend time, but this year, I have a lot of SAP BW project tasks to do, and time is also a problem.

However, my friends' hopes need to be considered. I provide several compromise schemes:
1. First, let's take a look at the so-called new software version. On the one hand, it solves some bugs (of course new bugs are often introduced), and some new features and features are added. We all have experiences in software development or use. In fact, there are not many new things introduced in a new version. However, software vendors are generally keen on new interfaces of software, which is also required for business and marketing. This new interface adjustment makes beginners feel novelty and marketing easier. From this perspective, SAP bw3.5 and SAP bw7.0 are essentially different. As a learner, SAP bw3.5 is sufficient and easier to install. The hardware installation requirements of SAP bw7.0 are further improved. Because of the bugs that have just come out, it will also make beginners very difficult. On the other hand, many enterprises still use sap bw3.5. Only companies that have deployed the sap bw module can select the latest software version.

2. I will create some Delta video file learning files based on the differences between SAP bi7.0 and SAP bw3.5. These video files are based on the SAP bi7.0 environment. These video files contain the first 10 exercises that demonstrate bw310 or tbw10 standard training courses. Through this process, you will be very familiar with the sap bw7.0 environment. We are also very familiar with the sap bw3.5 environment.

3. In the sap bi7.0 environment, you can use t-code rsa1old to return to the interface environment of SAP bw3.5. This is really a good note. If possible, I want sap or other software companies to maintain or adopt this idea (like Windows XP, which allows users to choose the classic interface style ). So even if your learning environment is sap Bi 7.0, my learning materials are enough to help you get started with sap bw.

4. My second batch of tutorials are mainly about reporting and authorization. The operations are almost the same as those on the interface, whether it is sap bi7.0 or sap bw3.5.

5. The contents of my third batch of tutorials, modeling and component extraction. Among them, the course of modeling mainly describes methods, ideas, and case analysis. There is no direct connection with the software operation interface. The majority of component extraction content is based on the SAP bi7.0 environment, and a few are based on the SAP bw3.5 environment. In general, after learning the first part, you will not care about the small differences on the software interface after you have mastered the basic basics of sap bw.

6. Here I will list some text resources for you to learn about the new changes of SAP bi7.0:
A. Comparison between SAP b000035 and SAP bi7.0
B. What's new in SAP bi7.0
C. Simply put, the main difference is that sap Bi 7.0 introduces the data transfer process (DTP) method. How does DTP work? DTP concepts? In addition, it is datastore object. I also plan to add these new things to my first part Of the tutorial.

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