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According to the plan for the conclusion meeting last Friday, the ASIS review will be held this morning. Although DJF, Project Manager of CAPTCHA, spoke a lot, it is clear that he wants to express too much content. We did not clarify the situation of as-is, nor make good suggestions for to-be. Instead, we focused on whether the future organizational architecture (Platform) has a definite timetable.

In fact, in the previous discussion, I have mentioned that the process design should be business-oriented and should not be affected too much by the organizational structure. Of course, as a platform, the service has been approved by the senior management, which has been confirmed in their interview minutes with Zhao, Liu, and Guo.

When mr. D's mouth hangs, I am actually wondering what the key point he wants to express is? Today, in addition to Minister Wu, I also invited the Deputy Director of all the business interfaces. I felt that the discussion was not enough in the morning. I know, his PPT is very simple. He started at and finished speaking at, and the process was still a little slow. Finally, it seems that everyone has nowhere to make comments. Today, we should have taken the as-is stream one by one, made suggestions, discussed and finalized. This is a way of discussion I have experienced and imagined. However, it seems that the consultant thinks that the current situation of the business department's approval process is very accurate and understands clearly, so we are in a hurry. I wonder if this shows the level of the consultant ?!

Of course, it's hard to say that we just found some questions about Network VPN preparation and data system parallel policies. Finally, the minister of Management pointed out that today's seminar was meaningless and did not play a milestone. I think he looks very accurate.

It is hoped that the consultant will learn the lessons in the future and be targeted. After all, Changhong is also engaged in many years of informatization and many internal projects, which is not so cool.

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