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How to Learn sap basis:

Four tips: Hand-brain, extensive learning, self-answer, and forward-looking:

Many people think that they want to learn sap basis from the beginning to learn the installation, and learn other SAP basis technologies and work after the installation. In fact, SAP basis has a role-playing and task layer by layer. If the foundation is not well laid, it is unwise to skip some daily customer support and maintenance work and directly jump to the advanced technical level of system installation. Of course, you are not required to install the SDK at home. Eight years ago, although I had three years of UNIX and DBA experience, I still answered the phone from SAP basis customer service department. I encountered more than five hundred different problems in a year, and also learned about the basic functions of sap from the user's point of view. From the requirements and answers of general users, you can understand many non-SAP basis components, such as SAP function and ABAP, and then make sap new planning applications and system performance adjustments, it is very helpful. Then, go to the computer center for SAP basis/DBA to learn about the database backup status and procedures, and participate in the establishment of the backup system. Therefore, we recommend that you learn sap basis step by step and step by step. Follow the role suggestions below to confirm that all technologies and work are skilled, and then upgrade to the next level. You should also look back at it at intervals to review and update old technologies.

1. Hand-brain movement:
For the work of using a calculator, it is impossible to take the exam only; exercise immediately after reading. Currently, sap has a lot of information to test, which is too complete. I found a lot of things, for example, I could not apply the verification steps. I just talked about it on paper, and I couldn't be something to myself. Many people buy pirated CD and install it according to the installation manual at the beginning. Lucky people can install it at once, and lucky people will encounter a lot of trouble. However, if the two do not first understand the basic concepts and functions of SAP, it is difficult to install them ten times. Record your own materials and hands-on experience, and convert them into your own database to avoid repeated mistakes by yourself and others. This is the primary task of a person studying sap basis. Although the sap version is constantly updated, many problems are similar.

2. Extensive learning:
Some people think that being sap basis is a technician should not or do not need to learn other modules or functions. Or learn non-technical operation process specifications and financial reports, are for those who do not understand the system. This is really a big mistake. I do not know that the system we have installed on basis is intended for users. The lack of user verification means that Old Wang sells melons and boast of his own. Especially today, SAP provides many new projects, such as CRM, BW, APO, SEM, EP, its... You must understand which features are enabled by the user, and perform different system management for these specific features. If you have the opportunity, we recommend that you thoroughly study the introduction of SAP products and their system architecture. Never look down on the non-technical aspects of SAP.

3. Self-answer:
Teaching is the law of any knowledge, especially in the world of SAP for new changes. No one can be proficient in all basis projects. Therefore, no matter you are a beginner or an old student, you often use various opportunities to answer questions and generate answers to your questions so that they can be used in a timely manner. I don't know how to answer questions under non-stress conditions. It often makes you jump into a small circle of thinking. It is more agile in thinking and easier to help people find answers. The next time you encounter a similar problem, you can take the medicine to solve it.
4. Looking forward:
Note: If you are not looking at money, you are looking forward. Since its evolution, sap has become a big monster for a year. Like the big deformation worm of it, no one can understand its full meaning. It is correct to focus on the direction of SAP basis, but you must keep looking forward: learn the latest version, understand new products, and enrich the basis class (OS/DB/SAP/Web) knowledge and second-level learning technologies such as APO/bw/CRM management, it is no problem to rely on SAP basis to have a good meal for 10-20 years. If you cannot catch up with SAP changes, it will be eliminated in three or five years.

Chapter 2: Development and Promotion sequence of SAP basis in positions

Why should the SAP system administrator name basis? Because sap uses basis kernel as the core name of the system before was appears. Over time, everyone calls the SAP system administrator basis. in fact, the history of SAP basis is. before X, SAP basis contains three types: Administration, ABAP, and business integration. take an SAP course as an example. Admin is bc3xx or bc5xx; ABAP is bc4xx; and business integration is bc6xx. next, the division of labor is detailed, and the new course uses admxxx as the new basis course code.

Many people mistakenly hit the sap basis road. More people try to figure out how to go through the sap basis road. Let's take a look at my path and hear my sincere suggestions.

Before entering this company, I worked in Computer Consulting companies such as IBM, Dec, and CSC.ProgramEngineer, system engineer, sales engineer, technical support, technical consultant to sap basis manager, slowly crawling for nearly sixteen years. from Asia to America, however, the competition for racial discrimination and outsourcing eventually failed. Last year, CSC was transferred to end user. why do we talk about my experiences? Not to boast, but to remind everyone who wants to work on SAP basis, Rome is not a result of one day. self-enrichment, accumulation of experience, and technological updates can lead to basis's long-term development.

Basically, SAP basis has two ways:
One is serving as the SAP system administrator in the enterprise IT department, and the other is serving as the sap basis consultant in the consulting company or individual company. after 5-7 years of work, I will move to the management class. if you want to stay secure, you 'd better stay in the enterprise. you don't have to worry about your business. if you want to make a lot of money in the short term, and you are single, you can consider taking this path as a consultant. however, no matter which path you take, you must keep up with SAP's changing pace and constantly learn new technologies.

First, let's talk about serving as the SAP system administrator in the enterprise IT department ):
This kind of work is positioned differently in various companies and generally divided into three stages:

L basis support specialist (SAP support specialist)
L basis Administrator (SAP system administrator)
L basis impact ect (SAP)

Basis support specialist (SAP User Support Specialist) is often the first line to face the requirements and problems of customers or users. Its work includes the following:
1. Receive and record user requirements and problems
2. Make a preliminary judgment on the problem and make a simple response
3. Make a preliminary answer search, such as OSS note or internal Q & A set (FAQ)
4. Reply to the user based on the search information, or submit the problem to senior colleagues for research and solution.
5. Maintain contact with users and return the problem handling Progress and Development Status
The Commissioner's general requirements are as follows:
1. Good communication skills and patience
2. Understand the company's internal organizational structure
3. familiar with the company's various operation procedures
4. Keep abreast of and learn about the company's new plans and development policies
Technical requirements include:
1. Basic calculator knowledge
2. Cognition of basic sap Architecture
3. Basic network concepts
4. Basic Programming Skills
Understand the company's SAP application and general user requirements in terms of support, which will be of great help for system maintenance and management in the future. only in this position can we acquire and learn this knowledge freely. once you get started with the system, it is difficult to learn this kind of knowledge at leisure or in your personal workspace. after a year and a half, you can start some basic SAP system jobs, such as system monitoring and database backup. this allows you to access the SAP system administrator at the next level.

SAP system administrator (SAP basis administrator): based on years of experience and experience, it can be divided into junior senior level 2. task features can be divided into plan support and production support. at the technical level, this position is also the widest and deepest. task details include the following:
1. System Support:
1. Research and build the overall sap Technical Architecture (Technical Infrastructure)
2. Install and set all SAP software and hardware
3. hardware requirement planning (HW Capacity Planning)
4. Implementation and testing of backup and recovery plans (backup and recovery concept)
5. Implementation and testing of high availability system solutions)
6. Implementation and testing of the Network Structure)
7. Implementation and testing of network, database and operating system structure integration
8. Set and integrate the output device (printer, fax ...), Intermediary software (BC, MQSeries), etc.
9. Maintain and customize sap Interface Support
10. Develop system and change management operation manuals and specifications

2. Business/functional support:
1. Provide technical support to the Program Development Team
2. analyze the impact of program development or change on system resources

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