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SAP logon group can automatically achieve load balancing. This article describes how to configure between the server and the client to complete logon group login.


Prerequisites: You must have at least one set of dialog instances; otherwise, Server Load balancer cannot be achieved only by one set of central instances.



T-code: smlg

At the first entry, because logon group is not set, only the list of all instances is available.

Click an instance and click "new". A pop-up box is displayed. Enter your logon group name (not space. This name is retained by SAP) in the pop-up box ), select your instance and save it.

Double-click any other instance. In the displayed dialog box, select the group you created and save the group.

Do not forget to save the changes.



Edit your sapmsg. ini file, which should be stored in your C:/windows.

[Message Server]

PRD = # The standard is <Sid >=< hostname or ip>. Assume that your Sid is PRD.

This IP address depends on the specific IP address of your sap installation.

Check your services file. The file should be placed under C:/Windows/system32/Drivers/etc. Make sure there is such a line in it.

Sapmsprd 3600/tcp

Not necessarily 3600. It depends on the port number installed by your message server. If your message server is installed on 02, it should be 3602.

Open saplogon and click Create project. In the Add entry list, select a group or server. Then, your Sid and IP address are displayed. Click the right of the group/Server item. If the configuration is correct, the public item in front of you should be in the drop-down list and click OK. Double-click the logon group to log on to the system. Then, remember to distribute your saplogon. ini and sapmsg. ini files to your users.

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