SAP number Range Maintenance Configuration Object FBN1 Deletion only possible if status is initial

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Error log: SAP FBN1 deletion only possible if status is initial


If the target machine already has a number RANGE of 0, you need to remove the scenario with the configuration year 9999:

I Created wrong No range in business Entity. When I am trying to delete wrong no range system showing massage

"Deletion only possible if status is initial"

I am created new No range with Internal of 0 and still not deleted.


In the status interface, set the initial number to 0, and then delete the year data;


Open the Number Range dialog, click on the number range which your want to update, and from the menu select Interval- Change current number. Now it allows the current number to ' 0 '. Save and then try to delete the number range, as the number was initial it allows you to delete.

Universal Tcode:snro2 for 1.Number range. The universal read function for number range: Number_get_next3. If there is a jump sign, you can disable the object's buffer try 4. Several function groups about number range:

SNR0 Online Maint. of number ranges & groups
SNR1 Interface for number ranges and groups
SNR2 maintenance of Number Range objects
SNR3 number range checks, assignment & info.
SNR4 Number Ranges Utility

5. Use a custom number Range objects

1). Create number Range object using OYSN (or Snro).

2). Then call the following function modules.

FORM. get_next_id changing P_discrep.
data:last_id like Zrecaudit-discrep,
Quant like inri-quantity, "dummy
Code like Inri-returncode. "ReturnCode
Call FUNCTION ' Number_range_enqueue '
Object = ' Zrecaudit '
Foreign_lock = 1
Object_not_found = 2
System_failure = 3
Call FUNCTION ' Number_get_next '
NR_RANGE_NR = ' 01 '
Object = ' Zrecaudit '
Number = last_id
Quantity = Quant
ReturnCode = code
Interval_not_found = 1
Number_range_not_intern = 2
Object_not_found = 3
Quantity_is_0 = 4
Quantity_is_not_1 = 5
Interval_overflow = 6
Buffer_overflow = 7
Call FUNCTION ' Number_range_dequeue '
Object = ' Zrecaudit '
Object_not_found = 1
EndForm. "Get_next_id

6. Tcode used to maintain a specific number range:

5NZI Number Range Maintenance:rp_ircert
Number Range Maintenance:rp_ircert
Abnv Number Range MAINT:FIAA-BELNR
AO11 Assign Number Range
assigning numbering ranges
AS08 Number Ranges:asset number
Number range: Asset number
Number Range Maintenance: ALE_CP
Code Range Maintenance: BGMK_NR
Bmvn Number Range Maintenance:di_jobid
Number Range Maintenance: di_jobid
Bucf BP Cust:number Ranges
BP Consumer: Number Range
Maintain PRT number range: FHM_CRFH
CMTCUS22 Maintain number range for CM product
Maintain the number range of CM products
CMTCUS32 Maintain number range for CM folder
Maintain number ranges for CM folders
CMTCUS42 Maintain number ranges for Baseline
Number range for maintenance start
FBN1 Accounting Document Number Ranges
Account voucher number Range
FNS1 Collateral Number Range
Accessory Number Range
FOV0 Rental Agreement Number Range
Lease Agreement Number Range
FOW0 Real Estate Application Number range
Data range for real estate applications
IN20 Object Link Number ranges
Object Connection Number Range
IP22 Maintain number RANGE:OBJK_NR
Maintenance Number range: OBJK_NR
KEN2 Maint. Number RANGES:CO-PA Planning
Maintenance number? Range: Co-pa plan
OGS9 Generate ADP number Ranges
Generate an ADP numbering range
OHX3 Maintain number ranges for 3PR
Maintain a numbering range of 3PR
OIL5 Equipment number Ranges
Device number Range
Oion Order number Ranges
Order number Range
OMH6 Number Ranges for Purch. Documents
Number range of the purchase voucher
Qccn QM Standard number Ranges
Quality Management Standard Code range
QS29 Maintain characteristic number range
Maintain feature number ranges
QS39 Maintain method number range
Numbering Range Maintenance method
VB (1 Rebate number Ranges
Rebate Number Range
VN07 Maintain number range for shipments
Maintain number ranges for shipments
WC64 Catalog Code number Ranges
Category Code number range
Wtnr W/tax Certificate number Range
W/tax Certificate number Range

SAP number Range Maintenance Configuration Object FBN1 Deletion only possible if status is initial

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