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See the learning status value of the shared learning component (SCO) in the SCORM standard.
Learning status value of the shared component
According to SCORM's definition of learning components, learning assets simply point to learning resources, while content aggregation architecture refers to the abstract concept of combination. Only learning shared components (SCO) it has the ability to send messages to each other with the Learning Management Platform (LMS). Therefore, there is a learning status value (CMI) in the data model. core. lesson_staus) is a special description of SCO's learning situation, which is divided into the following six types, and these States are jointly maintained by SCO and LMS.

(Through) completed
(Completed) browsed
(Not completed) failed
(Failed) not attempted
(Not tried)


When LMS releases SCO, the learning status value must be initialized to "not attempted", and the control of the status must be transferred to SCO. SCO can adopt different strategies to determine when to convert the learning status value from "not attempted" to "incomplete". For example, a teacher thinks that when a learner enters SCO, SCO should switch to the "incomplete" State. In addition, some teachers may think that the SCO can switch to the "incomplete" State only when the learner must meet certain conditions or perform certain operations, these depend entirely on the consideration of the instructional designer, and there are no restrictions on use.
The instructional designer can convert the learning status value to "completed" when the learner completes the SCO learning. It is also determined by the instructional designer as to how the learner completes the learning. In addition, SCO can convert the learning status value to the "passed" or "failed" status based on different measurement methods.




Cainiao supplement: You can easily set the status through the Dreamweaver 8 plug-in.

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