SecureCRT learning path: Common SecureCRT skills, securecrt path

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SecureCRT learning path: Common SecureCRT skills, securecrt path
Shortcut Key: 1. ctrl + a: move the cursor to the beginning of the Line 2. ctrl + e: move the cursor to the end of the line 3. ctrl + d: delete one character after the cursor. 4. ctrl + w: delete all characters starting from the beginning of the line to the position of the current cursor. 5. crtl + k: delete all characters from the current cursor to the end of the line 6, alt + B: Open the Quick Start column 7, alt + 1/2/3...: Switch the mouse between multiple session tags: options-> global options-> Terminal hook Copy on select, and hook the paste on middle button. In this way, you can select a character with the mouse in secrecrt and copy and paste it directly to the clipboard. Double-click Copy and open the new session: options-> global options-> Terminal-> Tabs. Select the Double-click action drop-down box as the Clone tab, in this way, you can double-click the opened session tag to open a new session tag. Upload the current file between sftp and windows: press alt + p in an opened session to open the sftp of the session and view the files on the remote server through cd and ls, through LCD and lls, you can view files on windows and use the put and get commands to upload and download files, which is more efficient than rz and sz. Keyboard ing: options-> global options-> General-> Default Session, click the Edit default settings button, and then Terminal-> Mapped Keys, you can use the map a key button to set the keyboard ing. For strings that are frequently required, you can set them here, such as passwords. Keep connection: options-> global options-> General-> Default Session, click the Edit default settings button, hook in Terminal to Send protocol NO-OP, every 30 seconds, this ensures that securecrt does not lose the connection because it has not been operated for a period of time.
SecureCRT settings

Options-Global Options-terminal-appearance-advanced-color solution-Monochorme.
Click Edit. Change the normal he Bold in the property Normal to your color.

How is SecureCRT used?

SecureCRT tips:

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