Smart TV Application Development: occupying the next client?

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Entrepreneurship opportunities and smart TV Salon (Shenzhen station) in mobile phones, tablets, and TV integration are over. I also answered the question as a guest, but the time is too short, some ideas need to be recorded in detail:

The benefits of smart TV are easily discovered:
Fashionable appearance and high technology (built-in WiFi, 3D and HDMI supported) represent the trend of the future
Applications suitable for living rooms and big screen applications will certainly have a market and family life applications (recipes, movie tickets, takeout orders, express delivery, payment, karaoke, and streaming media) family games, English learning, text Image Display (3D )......

If you want to develop an application to occupy this client, you must consider the following risks:

Platform risks:
The price of smart TV is high (more than 20 thousand RMB). If you develop a game, the number of your users is invisible.
In the smart TV field, there are domestic alliances (price advantages and popularity may be faster). Can Apple TV, Google TV, and smart TV laugh at the end?

Policy risks:
Looking at the intensity of several interest groups fighting since tianchao's triple play, we can see how difficult it is to make content on this client. You really understand it ......

Technical Risks:
What is the relationship between smart TV and Bada? Will it be merged into a platform in the future?
If the application depends on the input, the current input of smarttv is inconvenient, unless Samsung configures the touchpad, of course, it is better to support multi-touch.
If the application requires user payment, there is no final solution yet, and you cannot directly collect money from the user for the moment, not to mention the concept of domestic user payment.
Whether to support other peripherals via USB external (camera, microphone,) is unknown, technically it should be supported
HTML5 is still developing and the standard is not finalized. It may be difficult to migrate applications from other platforms.

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