Smart TV: Jump out of that hole

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In the process of information technology development, the electronic industry has shown the most magnificent achievements, for example, the TV screen from black and white into color, from color to Retina HD, this change not only to consumers to bring a new visual enjoyment, but also began to push the industry new heights. In the next few decades, the wave of technology and information convergence is also formally intelligent-the television can be linked to people through the Internet, that is, consumers can use the Internet to achieve interaction with the TV, interoperability.

This achievable technique of anticipation is called intelligence.

But many manufacturers seem to wait less than the arrival of this era, so in the current technology and materials to reach that level, hurriedly announced that their own smart TV has been born, and tell others this is the most technical strength and user experience of the product. Most consumers do not know this is a pit, and follow this announcement to rush.

1, "Smart TV", really smart?

Looking at the current market on the "Smart TV" brand, it is not difficult to find that most of the brand products in industrial design, function, price, promotion methods and so on are similar, so many consumers will think that these TV manufacturers are merged. In addition to these external "similarities", these smart TV manufacturers in the internal-operating system mode is similar.

After the rise of Android, these manufacturers after a simple two modification and development, playing their own logo and slogan, that is, the consumer announced that this is its launch of smart TV products. In their mouths, this new generation of smart TVs, which are different from traditional models that can only watch video, is the real smart TV, because their TV can install apps and surf the internet in addition to watching programs ...

Consumers, that's how they were brought into the pit.

Most consumers will not be careful to explore the technology and principles of television, and few consumers will be able to understand all the details of the current TV set ... E-commerce manufacturers to create the pseudo-concept, most consumers because of the lack of objective discrimination, so confused in the pit recognized the practice of television manufacturers, think that they have lived for so many years finally saw the real smart TV.

But in fact, the phenomenon of consumers being thrown into the pit, the negative effect caused by is very big.

2, the harm of pseudo concept

Like computers, smart TVs also have many similarities with computers in terms of physical construction, such as the complete and complete availability of CPUs, operating systems, ram-running content, ROM memory, and so on, all of which are related to whether or not the machine works. Only when the assembly is completed scientifically in all the matching pieces, can the product realize the maximum value of the product. But in the pseudo-concept packaging but actually not the real sense of smart TV, its consumer interests have no negligible loss and harm.

First of all, such assembly products have not been deeply optimized to provide users with a better experience in terms of stability, smoothness, ease of use and so on.

Secondly, these packaged and assembled smart TVs are mostly little-known small manufacturers (manufacturers independent research and development), such products lack a certain quality assurance, so the average consumer choice, meaning loss of quality and product risk.

Again, such assembly type product is poor or almost no extensibility, in addition to the mobile phone to install remote control app and no other use. If the merchant sells the concept of smart TV to consumers, it is easy for the consumers to give the trust, if consumers are brought into such a pit, they will lose the ability to judge the real Smart TV.

3. The dividing line of smart TV: TV-People-Network

Although most of the current smart TV manufacturers (especially some small and medium-sized manufacturers) are not the full sense of smart TV manufacturers, but some focus on research and development of the real TV manufacturers are increasingly leading the industry. Samsung unveiled the smart TV with its own Tizen operating system at the CES show, the world's first smart television with Tizen systems.

This smart TV with Tizen operating system is unique in that it accomplishes a complete ecosystem solution from hardware to software that is independent of Android, and on Tizen systems, developers can easily create compatible content, And can be easily synced with other devices via WiFi or Bluetooth (even if the TV is turned off or not affected). In addition, the smart TV with the Tizen system also offers a smarter smart hub navigation, which is unique and completely different from Android-based smart TVs.

Because Samsung is built for itself, Tizen is doomed not to be as fragmented as Android, which is good for both user security and vendors. In addition, the Tizen system is an open platform that supports the development of Web standards for TV apps, making Android more flexible and more user-friendly and secure than the latter. Samsung, too, is now joining the UHD Alliance to achieve a combination of the UHD ecosystem with others.

Although the domestic smart TV maker and Xiaomi have not yet reached such a level, the content of the two in the extent of exerting force is not to be underestimated. Xiaomi attracted Sina's former senior vice President Chen Tong joined in charge of content construction, le Vision of the previous ecosystem construction and completion, while another domestic brand Tcl, recently released a unique quantum dot technology TV.

From Samsung to Le, Xiaomi, TCL, these really powerful manufacturers are in the future through the duel to construct the future, and some three current manufacturers are doing is to change the Android system skin, and then dug a pit to say that they represent the smart TV, let the unknown truth of the masses rushed to the pit.

4, the next generation of smart TV

In fact, Samsung, Xiaomi, Le Vision and TCL and other manufacturers are aware that Smart TV is a new revolution, and not just a new bug fix, in the future, smart TV must be a home entertainment center to host a solution. Today's smart TV has completed the first round of technology and experience changes, the next smart TV, will be "smart" in the aspect of breakthrough, and lead the future.

The typical meaning of this intelligence is that the future of smart TV will be in the semantic control, content interaction, home equipment management, such as the user will completely abandon the concept of remote control Board, through the audio-visual recognition, Body sense remote control and other ways to manipulate the smart TV. In terms of content and entertainment, interaction with dramatis personae may be one way.

While such a situation is still a long way from now, it is possible in the field of information technology and scientific exploration in the future. For the field of Smart TV, the current image display, sound playback, soft and hard integrated technology are basic functions, and beyond the basic function of the TV imagination, it should be the next generation of Smart TV's new goal.

Now, jump out of the pit and look back at that time.


Author profile: Zhu Yi, the first blogger writer in China (11 blog writing experience). Well-known opinion leaders, Internet media people, one after the founder of the media company. Long-term focus on internet business trends and case studies, dabble in TMT, mobile Internet, e-commerce, brand communication and management, home appliances, digital and other fields, currently engaged in public relations, marketing, brand management work. Personal number: Izhuyi; personal public platform account number: Zhuyiweixin

Smart TV: Jump out of that hole

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