Smart TV playing with feelings so really good?

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As the center of the home living room Entertainment, the first screen, although Smart TV is not like a smart phone to show the trend of blossoming, but its status can not be ignored. Around the smart TV, in order to rob home Internet access, whether it is a traditional TV manufacturers or Internet enterprises, has begun a brutal market competition. With this same no-line, non-moral integrity competition gradually fermented, only in hardware, running points, shape, marketing and other aspects of playing tricks, is no longer a killer to attract consumers attention.

As a result, more and more television enterprises began to use the "sentiment" element as the next point of exerting force. Hope that the sentiment can be approached from another dimension to the consumer, in a more ingenious, more gentle way to make smart TV consumer acceptance. Just used to the big open-up competition means, TV enterprises can play a good feeling this trick? Is it acceptable to consumers?

The rush to the horse is becoming a flood

In order to break through in the tragic, originally only good at playing hard card TV enterprises, have to re-search for new weapons. And the best way to trigger a consumer's resonance is to play the emotional card. At present, more and more TV companies are focusing on "feelings" in part of the marketing focus.

Xiaomi is playing "feelings" of the best, its TV products are playing "young People first TV" banner, want to directly to youth, cost-effective and other mixing up feelings thoroughly into the impression of young people. For the moment, it seems to be doing well.

Hisense recently high-profile launch of Uled TV, the market top with television prices directly to the positioning of the middle-class middle-end TV level. Specially tailored for the middle class of the Uled TV, at the beginning of the release of the "petty bourgeoisie" of the feelings of the elements, to become the focus of specific consumer groups of goals.

And Skyworth's Internet brand Cool Open is the entire attack, and strive to play a new kind of feelings of the emerging things. For example, cool open A43 for children, youth, the elderly developed a set of systems, and three-in-one, so that television re-return to the "family" element of the essence; For example, cool open small Penguin K32, is aimed at Ant clan, wandering Group, to go out is still surrounded by family atmosphere as the main selling point ...

From this perspective, the sentiment element in the television enterprises in the beginning of the excavation, immediately presented a flood of potential. In line with this trend, perhaps television products will break the wrist on a new arena based on feelings.

It's important to be careful about stealing chickens.

In fact, the sentiment as a brand-new offensive weapon, but also helpless. After all, under the brutal competition, any television enterprise that survives, its TV products are similar in hardware, system, price and so on. But sentiment as "non-conventional weapons", its marketing effect is very difficult to grasp. A little careless, it is possible to hurt themselves-Lao Luo borrowed the feelings of the hammer mobile phone, not foot, the final laughable.

Although Xiaomi TV is loved by some young people, but with the loss of Xiaomi brand reputation, its feelings offensive is more and more unconvincing--feelings are not for deceptive! Therefore, although the feeling is a good thing, the key moment can play an unexpected effect, but the strength is crucial.

At present, a lot of TV products in the feelings of the elements are some affectation-very want to directly into the hearts of consumers resonate, but often can not arouse the touch of consumers empathy. Originally the sentiment marketing and the commodity itself the attribute is some conflict, can really the former play to consummate very little less, the television enterprise also because the competition is intense appears too the quick success, naturally will let the consumer to resent.

Pros and cons based on the product

Before initiating the sentiment offensive, the television enterprise must weigh the pros and cons, as far as possible the effect will be triggered in advance forecast number. In other words, to reduce the chance of unpredictable, uncontrolled effects occurring. Of course, this is not an overnight, but the need to constantly accumulate feelings of marketing experience. Although the TV enterprise sentiment marketing looks rather blunt, but as long as more "practice", there will always be progress, just do not pour in the final success before ...

In addition, all the feelings of the elements of the final foothold is the product. The TV product itself is the basis for the real spread of feelings. It doesn't make any sense to leave the product itself empty-talk. such as cool open Penguin K32 to Ant clan "family" sentiment for marketing selling point, its with carry along, weight lighter and so on characteristics and this sentiment more fit. Xiaomi TV always thinks well-deserved "the first TV of young people", but what does it really bring to the young people? I'm afraid Xiaomi is hard to say for himself ... With the product to let feelings landed, is the real direction of development. (New discoveries of science and Technology, Constantine/Wen)

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Smart TV playing with feelings so really good?

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