[Software recommendation] There are already a lot of professional software for development. Let's talk about the auxiliary software for development-share the commonly used auxiliary software.

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In the past, I have read many articles about the top ten essential tools for developing common professional software such as. NET and. Net programmers. Today, I don't want to introduce these professional software. I want to introduce some auxiliary software that is often used during development to help us complete better development.

I recommend commonly used auxiliary software. It may not be the best, but I think it is the best for me!

I. Browser

Recommendation: Ao you Browser(Http://www.maxthon.cn /)



Candidate Recommendations: sogou browser, Firefox, chrome

AsProgramA good browser is an indispensable helper for us to obtain resources. I recommend that you do not use powerful program debugging or rich plug-ins, it is about the favorite and daily application of aoyou.

Ao you's favorites are a good feature I think. You only need to register an account to synchronize the local favorites to the network server. During the daily Internet access process, we often see goodArticleAlthough many websites provide the favorites function, you must open this website and log on to this website to see it, and the added information can only be stored on this website (It seems a bit nonsense.). The favorites of aoyou can be synchronized, which ensures that even if the favorites of the local machine is lost, you can log on to the account to retrieve it again.

In addition, ao you's account not only has the function of synchronizing data to favorites, but we always have our own browser habits (commonly used websites, mouse gestures, etc.) in our daily use process ), these habits will help you remember if you log on to your account, and I think they are a very user-friendly feature. At the same time, as a browser recommended by Microsoft win7, aoyou can also ensure its functionality.

The candidates here are sogou browsers, Firefox, chrome, and sogou, which are both highly secure and fast-looking. However, they are not very good compared with aoyou. As for Firefox and chrome, these two must be two for programmers,But the reason I don't recommend is that these two browsers have less powerful functions than the proud game, and they need to be assisted by a variety of plug-ins, however, once various plug-ins are installed, the browser startup speed may be slow, and so on. Therefore, we recommend that you use the best browser information. If you need to develop programs, you can use Firefox or chrome.


Ii. notepad

Recommendation: notepad2Http://www.onlinedown.net/soft/31490.htm)

Recommended candidates: emeditor and notepad ++

For our developers, we often need to write things. At this time, we will not open vs, Eclipse, these professional development tools, we will choose notepad, a small tool for simpleCodeI recommend notepad2 for the following reasons:

1,Code highlighting, Notepad2 supports all mainstream development languages currently, such as C #, VB. NET, PHP, JSP, and HTML, and can freely change the code highlighted configuration.

2,Replace the built-in notepadThe notepad feature provided by Windows is really poor. It can only provide basic editing functions (worthy of being notepad ), notepad2 can perfectly replace the default Windows notepad (only one executable program + one configuration file), not only because it has all the functions of the system's built-in notepad, because of its superior performance, powerful functions, and small size, for example, opening a few M or even larger texts won't be as stuck as the built-in notepad, unable to respond to other situations, you can use Ctrl + scroll wheel to zoom in and out the text, and so on.

For more information about the replacement method, see: Here

3,Excellent text editing EnvironmentNotepad2 not only provides code highlighting, but also provides text background, paragraph indent, and multi-encoding support. It is an indispensable tool for programmers to write simple code and simple text.

But notepad2 still has its drawbacks. It does not support Automatic Code prompts, but it is also a benefit. To support code prompts, the size of the entire program will not be so small.

In addition to notepad2, I also recommended emeditor, notepad ++, and emeditor installed on my computer. Although it can be improved by plug-ins (Such as code prompts, Automatic completion, HTML preview, etc.), But because the plug-in is installed too much, the whole program is too slow to start, and too many plug-ins are really dazzling ".

Notepad ++ is more powerful than notepad2, but it is a bit cumbersome because of its powerful functionality and many ancillary programs.


Iii. Search Tools

Recommendation: everythingHttp://dl.pconline.com.cn/html_2/1/93/id=1769&pn=0.html)

Candidate recommendation: Windows built-in search

I don't know how many things are in the computer of other developers, but I know how many things are in my computer. The whole computer has hundreds of GB of space full of various things, if you suddenly think about finding something and don't remember where it was originally stored, it's estimated that you haven't found it after dinner by using the built-in Windows Search Tool. Even if you find it, it may not be what you want, here I recommend everything, a very good search tool, and a few hundred K in size.

Before each usage, everything scans your entire computer and stores all the data for index updates to the SQLite database. You can search for keywords to perform full scanning (regular expressions are also supported ), you can find what you need in a few seconds.

At the same time, everything can also be used as a small server. You can use your computer as a server for others to download things.

Although everything can easily help you search for files that match the keyword, you cannot search for the content in the text. At this time, you need other tools.

WithBody information can be viewed here: Click to enter

As for the Windows built-in search recommended by candidates, I will not introduce it, as we all know. However, win7 search is still very good.


Iv. Thinking Analysis

Recommendation: mindjet mindmanagerHttp://www.onlinedown.net/soft/82527.htm)

Recommended candidates: Visio

It takes a long time to think during development, but it is a very troublesome thing to think about. It is often interrupted or disturbed, which leads to a new thought, at the same time, it is easy to confuse thinking with the brain alone. Many people will always record the things they think in the brain with pen and paper. Although they play a role in assisting in thinking, however, I cannot communicate with people because of my casual thinking. Here I recommend mindjet mindmanager, which is calledMind Map.

Mindjet mindmanager can easily help you record the thinking information in sequence or logic, and it can be seamlessly integrated with Office (such as Word, Powerpoint, Excel, outlook, Project ), the secondary record, and because it is software, when you use it to record what you think, it is recorded in graphical form, in this way, you can save the image as an image format to communicate with others.

As for the Visio recommended by candidates, although it can easily help us to analyze problems, the operation is far from as simple as mindjet mindmanager, and Visio is too professional.


V. Shortcut Key tools

Recommendation: autohotkeyHttp://www.onlinedown.net/soft/39219.htm)

Recommended candidates: slickrun and add2run

As a programmer who has been working through the keyboard for a long time, we always hope to perform operations more quickly to save time. For example, I prefer to perform operations through the keyboard, because I think it is a waste of time to move my hands away from the keyboard and then operate with the mouse, I would rather remember a lot of shortcuts in my mind. Unfortunately, these shortcuts can only be used in a software, in the system environment, I want to quickly open the software that I often use and it cannot be implemented. In this case, I use the shortcut key software. Here I recommend autohotkey, A script to implement quick Functions

(Of course, it also has other powerful functions. I have previously written related articles: autohotkey-faster operations, and you can write your own scripts to rest your mouse)

The advantage of autohotkey is that it can implement many functions by means of programming. I can write many common shortcut keys in a single file and compile the code into exe, after each boot, execute the self-compiled EXE, and the required shortcut keys are already running, in this way, we can quickly start the program through the keyboard (of course we can do many other things ).

The recommended slickrun and add2run are two UI shortcut key setting programs, which are more convenient to operate. However, I think autohotkey can do more, so we recommend autohotkey.

For more information about slickrun and add2run, see: here


The above is my commonly used Development Assistance software. I think it is recommended and may be different from what you think,You are welcome to discuss the commonly used auxiliary software and share it with others!

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