Solid state hard drive how to 4k alignment (text)

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Solid State Hard drive how to 4k alignment (text)

The solid-state hard disk 4k means that the solid state hard disk 4K alignment, in general, if the SSD 4K is not aligned, the hard drive read speed is very large, SSD hard drive the biggest advantage is to have a traditional hard disk twice times or even higher stored in reading data, if not 4K alignment, its speed advantage can not be fully reflected. So what do you mean by 4k alignment of solid-state hard drives that are confused by a lot of little white friends? Let's take a look at this together.

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We know that the vast majority of mechanical hard drives default to 512-byte sectors, using DRAM as a storage medium, while mechanical hard drives, both SLC particles and MLC particles, belong to NAND flash memory storage units. This kind of hard disk sector is 4K, this is the origin of 4K, the same use of similar flash particles of SSD solid-state hard drive also with this situation!

In fact, about hard disk 4K alignment is mentioned in traditional mechanical hard disk, and 4K alignment is related to hard disk partition. This basic hard drive common sense in the mechanical hard drive and solid state hard drive, is not only for SSD solid-state hard disk only 4K to Zi Yi said, alignment can be said to all storage products are influential, such as USB flash drives and SD memory card. The second is the firmware update, the current major manufacturers of the update service has done very well, through the Web site directly downloaded or in supporting software (such as Samsung SSD Magician) can be directly updated, simple degree and software installation is not too big gap.

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has also introduced such an article, talked about is the alignment notebook hard disk 4K alignment, the promotion notebook performance 10% article, this article is aimed at the traditional mechanical hard disk 4K to write, has the interest friend may as well read. The same problem in solid-state drives, solid state hard disk alignment and misalignment in fact, the gap is very large, the following is a brand of solid-state hard disk 4K alignment and alignment of the reading and storage data speed contrast.

The read-write speed of solid state hard drive before 4K alignment

Read and write speed of solid state hard drive 4K aligned

Finally, the paper introduces the problem of how to align the solid-state hard disk 4K which users are most concerned about. Now Microsoft in the WIN7 and 2008 R2 system has added trim instructions and partition alignment for solid-state drive optimization, so using the Win7 system for SSD partitions can automatically align 4K, in addition, we can use the most common hard disk partitioning tool Diskgen software ( At least 3.7 version above) to the solid state hard drive 4K alignment, as shown in the following figure, only need to check the alignment item can be selected.

4K alignment of solid-state hard disk partitions using the Diskgen hard disk partitioning tool

About SSD 4K Alignment What do you believe in reading to the friends here have a more profound understanding and understanding, for users, as long as the general understanding of the need for solid state hard disk alignment and how to align the method can be

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