Solid state hard drive how to 4K alignment

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method One: Format SSD for 4K alignment

1, Win7, WIN8, or WIN10 built-in Disk management tools already have solid-state hard drive 4K alignment, as long as the SSD hard drive connected to a WIN7/8/10 computer, and then on the desktop "computer (this computer)" Click the right mouse button, in the pop-up menu, click "Management", As shown in the following figure.

2, in the Open "Computer Management" interface, click on the left side of the "Disk Management", and then on the right to find just connected SSD solid state hard disk letter, on its right, select "format" can be, as shown in the following figure.

In the format interface, the most hard disk format selected for NTFS, and then click "OK", the system will automatically achieve solid-state hard disk 4K alignment.

  Method Two: Use the partition Assistant solid state hard Drive 4K alignment

In addition to using the Windows Self-formatted tool for 4K alignment with SSD, you can use a number of professional hard disk partitioning tools for 4K alignment operations, such as partition assistants, which are simple to use.

1, the first SSD and computer connection (for desktop, connect, need to shut down the computer, and then through the data line, the solid-state hard disk and the motherboard of the SATA3.0 interface connection), then turn on the computer, and then download the installation "Partition Assistant" in the computer, as shown in the following figure.

2, then you can format the hard disk or create partitions, select 4K alignment, as shown in the following figure.

Solid state hard drive How to 4K align the partitioning assistant to help

In addition, the current use of U disk boot disk is usually built with Diskgenius hard disk partition tool, using Diskgenius hard disk partition tool, also can achieve solid state HDD alignment operation, as shown in the following figure.

  Method III: Solid state HDD Lossless 4K Alignment

In the upper SSD 4K alignment operation, it is necessary to partition or format the hard disk, which will result in the solid state drive previously stored data completely empty. What if we have already used a solid-state hard drive installation system that is in use, does not have 4K alignment, but does not want to format the hard drive, reinstall the system? Next, I'll teach you. A solid-state hard disk lossless 4K Alignment method eliminates the need to format the hard drive.

Solid-State hard disk lossless 4K alignment, you can use Paragonalignmenttool software for lossless alignment, before the operation should be careful to back up important data, because this method is not necessarily a success.

1, download and install the Paragonalignmenttool tool in the computer, open the left side is the hard drive, the right is the description, if the display of green, the solid state hard drive is already aligned 4 K, and the display of yellow, it shows that there is no 4K alignment. The specific operation is, select the yellow not aligned hard disk, tick, then click the Align Partitons below.

Non-destructive 4K alignment method for solid state HDD

2, when you are aligned with the system disk, it will reboot, jump to Dos to align, this process depending on the size of your hard disk and usage, the fewer files on the hard drive, the faster the alignment, suitable for not aligned but do not want to reload the system friends.

Special NOTE: In this solid state hard drive 4K alignment, the computer does not power off, can not be forced to stop, otherwise it may cause hard disk damage! In addition, if the hard disk appears pink, it is not supported advanced format, that is, the alignment of 4K is useless.

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