Sony releases 4K TV new products thinnest 4.9mm min 43 inch

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It is reported that the 10 4K new TV size across 43 inches to 75 inches, of which the X9000C series fuselage thinnest thickness of only 4.9mm, is the current LED backlight 4K TV in the thinnest products. According to Sony's official introduction, the series uses the "Floating Style" suspension design, extremely thin fuselage, supplemented by a borderless screen, the appearance of fusion is very high. Complementary is its unique wall hanging way, can make TV perfect fit wall, give people a "picture floating" visual feeling.

  hardware , Sony will be the 4K image processing chip X1 Universal to the entire series. Television in the X1 chip drive will improve the quality to a higher, but also to better play its unique elite of the light control technology and Terri Charm color technology. In addition, the new 4K TV has a richer image database, with digital noise reduction, noise point shredder, self-similar precision imaging, planar area detection technology, can be a variety of signal input source for maximum optimization.

  sound quality , this series of new products are supported by alcohol sound technology +. Through the "Dsee HX Digital audio Enhancement engine", we can analyze the sound information of compressed music files, restore the lost harmonic parts, and elevate the compressed audio to close to the Hi-Res high resolution audio quality and reproduce the beauty of the original sound. The X9400C/X9300C series will also be equipped with FERROFLUID speakers, allowing for richer sound levels.

In addition, Sony also launched a small (49-inch, 43-inch) 4K TV x8300c series, also equipped with X1 processor and 4K fast image processing Engine Pro, with low-frequency reflective speakers, supporting the alcohol sound technology +.

Finally, the new batch of TVs is equipped with the latest Android 5.0 intelligent operating system and uses its own app store. The user can use the Sony TV remote control or other external equipment to carry on daily control.

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