Spring cloud-Honghu Cloud distributed micro-service clouds system-Architecture diagram

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This is a combination of most of the current enterprise's general needs, including the selection of technology is more stringent, harsh, not only to use the industry's most popular technology, but also with international standards, in the next 5-10 years can not out. As the architect of the company, we should also have a vision of the world, not only to give the company a good selection of technology, but also to quickly respond to business needs of enterprises, can quickly customized business.

The following is a large-scale Internet distributed enterprise MicroServices Cloud architecture that I plan for the company:

From now on, I will be documenting the process and essence of the recent development of the spring cloud micro-service cloud architecture to help more friends who are interested in developing the Spring cloud framework to explore the process of building the spring cloud architecture and how to use it in enterprise projects.

Spring cloud-Honghu Cloud distributed micro-service clouds system-Architecture diagram

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