SSD hard drive Full security erase

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In the use of SSD, some users may encounter the computer accidentally power down or crash and forced power outage, the system is abnormal, scan the SSD and found a bad block, and then a hurry to stomp even want to return to the factory repair.

In fact, the solid state drive after the bad block is not a serious problem, the following the author of this question shallow to talk about how to solve the problem of solid state hard disk after the bad block after power down.

Information about a bad block appears

The cause of these bad blocks may be the user in use or testing, because the exception caused the program error and write incorrect data to the hard disk, and without understanding the cause of the case, forcibly restarted the computer, resulting in some file data inside the SSD is damaged or lost (note: This is only the file and verification data, SSD hardware is not damaged). In the absence of repair of these corrupted or lost data, if the user again operation to the address of the data, because the checksum data is not correct, so the system will be caught in the repeated error correction, but can not repair the dead loop, eventually causing the system to think that the block address is damaged (bad block), but The SSD itself does not remap the physical block address corresponding to these logical block addresses (LBA), so this failure occurs, but the actual storage unit is not corrupted.

Some of the new SSD users, encountered the above situation, generally think that the SSD has been a problem, must be repaired through the factory, in fact, no need, in this case, we generally only need to do a correct full security erase SSD to repair these errors.

Full security wipe recommends using the HDDErase or Intel SSD Toolbox software to secure Erase using Intel SSD Toolbox Software as follows: (Important data backup in the disk)

1. Delete all partitions of the disk you want to erase, and let the hard disk display as an unassigned state

2. Running Intel SSD Toolbox

3. Unplug the solid-state drive's power cord

4. Plug in the power cord again and the green can run after refreshing. (3, 42 steps are required for non-Intel platforms or any platform using the system default MSAHCI driver)

5. Restart after erasing.

Again, there are some users who may be concerned about security erasure problems, using formatting, or deleting partitions and reformatting to resolve them, and this does not ensure that the problem is fixed, even if the problem is fixed on the surface, but may also cause a variety of weird problems or situations in normal use. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you resolve the bad block problem by means of a secure erase.

SSD hard drive Full security erase

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