SSD solid-State hard drive How to optimize the use of solid-state hard drives more slowly how to do?

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SSD solid-state hard drive How to optimize the use of solid-state hard drives more slowly how to do?

Today, this article mainly with the introduction of SSD solid State hard drive optimization of some knowledge, mainly for some netizens often said they buy the solid-state hard disk speed is not fast, or feel that the SSD and traditional HDD hard drive gap between the friends look.

SSD Solid state HDD Optimization Guide

Since the traditional HDD hard drive speed is not really slow, because it's hard to feel the speed gap in general applications, we can feel the high speed of SSD in boot time, large application loading, and file transfer, but it's not the solid-state drive that can experience its highest read transfer speed. Here will also involve a lot of SSD solid-state hard drive optimization related skills, if you do not feel the high-speed SSD, then you may wish to look at some of the following SSD solid state HDD optimization you are done.

1, SSD solid State Drive optimization must have SATA3.0 interface support

At present, only the more mainstream motherboard using SATA3.0 hard disk interface, older motherboards are basically SATA2.0 hard disk interface, Intel platform only B75 above the motherboard to use SATA3.0 interface, H61 motherboards and older motherboards are now the mainstream SATA3.0 interface; AMD platform only A75 above motherboards with SATA3.0 interface, other A55 motherboards and lower motherboards have no SATA3.0 interface, if your computer platform motherboard older, only the SATA2.0 hard drive interface, so although the use of solid-state hard drives, but the speed will be greatly reduced, feel the traditional mechanical hard disk is no different.

2, SSD solid State Drive optimization to open the motherboard AHCI mode

The SSD mode must be turned on in the motherboard BIOS with a solid-state drive, and the NCQ technology can only be supported when the motherboard is turned on. SSD Solid state Hard drive needs NCQ support, when the queue depth (QD) increase, performance will also rise to the geometric level, while the IDE is not supporting NCQ, queue depth increase performance will not be too much change, the technical theory we here but more discussion, we understand.

Turn on motherboard AHCI mode

3, SSD solid State Drive optimization do not open the motherboard energy-saving mode

Today's SSD solid-state drives are very high speed, 4K QD1 at random can be thousands of. In the high load running Division software (as SSD Benchmark, Crystal Disk mark, etc.) to test the ultimate speed of SSD, when the performance of 10% weakened, the result is naturally very "cup". And our mechanical hard drive 4K ioPS is still between 70-150, so the use of mechanical hard drive friends will naturally not feel the effect of energy saving on its performance (the system can fully meet its needs).

And in order to enable SSD to play its full strength, we recommend that the Board's energy-saving settings (such as AMD Cnq, Intel's c1e, EiST, etc.) shut down, so that energy-saving technology to minimize the impact of SSD performance, these theoretical things you know some can be used when the attention set.

4, SSD Solid State Drive Optimization 4K alignment

In general, if the SSD 4K is not aligned, the hard drive read speed is very large, SSD hard drive the biggest advantage is to have a traditional hard disk twice times or even higher stored in reading data, if not 4K alignment, its speed advantage can not be fully reflected.

Generally speaking, the above 4 are the most important points in the optimization of solid-state drives, in addition there will be some small aspects of the optimization, due to the speed of minimal impact, so here is no longer introduced, usually optimized above four, we can feel the solid state drive in the switch time, high-speed file transfer, Large application load to feel the high-speed experience, if the boot speed does not reach satisfaction, please go to the System optimization optimization

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