SSD usage considerations and Solid state hard Drive installation Tutorials

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  Key points for using SSD

SSD usage basically does not need to optimize, only the following several places need to note:

1, on the AMD series of Chip motherboards, Intel's SSD performance may be reduced, so you can choose the third party company's products.

2, the Win7 system will be shut off can save a large part of the hard disk space.

3, virtual memory, 4G or above set to 768-1024 can be too big meaningless, unless you use the program requires much more memory than your physical memory +1024 of the amount of virtual memory.

4, do not do too much hard drive test, the impairment of life.

5, every half month manually to disk trim once, can effectively avoid performance degradation, especially SF master control of the SSDs more effective.


  Solid State Hard Disk installation method

1, first SSD with 2.5 inch to 3.5-inch hard disk rack installed to the hard disk bit.

2, the boot into the BIOS, the disk mode is set to AHCI mode (basically all motherboard's default disk mode is IDE mode, this is to the mechanical hard drive to provide compatibility, but not at all suitable for SSD). Meanwhile, the ncq of AHCI should also be opened.

3, with CD-ROM or to launch a USB disk loaded into Microsoft's original Windows7 installation image ( absolutely can not use a messy version of the Ghost ), with the Windows7 Disk Management tool for the newly purchased SSD format to achieve alignment 4KB sector. 4KB sector alignment, the performance of SSDs will have a 50% impact. Whether to align 4K sector, you can use as SSD benchmark to detect, if the word is green 1024-ok, it is justified, if it is red words, that is not aligned.

4, the next normal installation system, and routine process is no different. After the system is installed, install the Intel RST drviers to open the fast storage technology.

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