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Stealth Cat "is a remote control Trojan, it can be as quietly lurking up like a cat, easily monitor the victim's computer screen, record keyboard operation to steal online games, net silver and the user installed broadband account password, random view and steal the user's information, but also has a powerful video peeping function, even family life has no privacy to speak of. Generally through the animal and beast doors and other video transmission.

Stealth Cat Features

"Stealth Cat" has many varieties, concealment strong, the difficulty of eradicating three major characteristics. Hackers can easily modify the signature code, easily escape the killing of anti-virus software, update the mutation speed is very fast; second, it starts with service items, there is no separate process (only one DLL file inserted into the Svchost.exe process running), the resource is very small, so the concealment is strong, Common users are difficult to detect after the recruit, in addition, "stealth cat" using a relatively high-end "resurrection" means, can bypass the vast majority of anti-virus software real-time monitoring, even if the removal of its startup items, it can be restarted before the computer with a return to write technology to restore the vitality than the legendary "Nine Lives" of the cat more tenacious. If the killing is not clean, "stealth cat" not only has a great harm to itself, but also can accept the hacker command at any time, to form a trojan download, in the user's computer wantonly download a variety of Trojans. can also monitor the victim's computer screen, record keyboard operation to steal online games, net silver and users installed broadband account password and so on.

According to some hacker forum information, "stealth cat" now has become the Trojan Horse industry's most "popular" hacker tools, criminals used to disseminate the QQ theft Trojan, fishing procedures and rogue software and other malicious programs. Therefore, despite the overall decline in Internet users during the Spring Festival, "stealth cat" infection, but with its growing sales network, "counter-city" surge, after the spring Festival can not be taken lightly.

Defense suggestions for Stealth cats

Experts remind the vast number of netizens, timely download kill soft, on the one hand, can be malicious Web pages, u disk, LAN and other Trojan virus transmission path for comprehensive protection, but also can thoroughly detect and eradicate the "Stealth cat" and other malicious Trojan virus, all-round protection of user property and privacy security.

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