Stealth Video Tutorial Study notes (chapter I)

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Stealth Video Tutorial Study notes (chapter I)

This article is a learning note for the official Unity Video tutorial stealth. Before that, I tidied up the English subtitles of the stealth video and put it on Youku. This article will be a summary of each video, refining the knowledge points and ideas.

Video address in (, is a stealth album, here only put on the first video, others in the above link slowly see it.

The second chapter has a video is FLV format, I can not embed subtitles in it, so Youku on no pass.

PS: There is a need to all 24 HD video + subtitles classmate, trouble support in this article, the last scan QR code to donate 100 yuan to me and leave your email.

101-project Overview

The contents of chapter 1-4 of this set of videos are introduced.

set game system, alarm system

set multiple animations for game characters, interactive

Set dynamic objects (doors, keys, elevators, etc.)

use state machine to add AI to enemies

102-game Setup and Lighting

When you set a gameobject to Static, it does not move in the scene, and you can apply a light map.

The so-called Lightmap refers to the three-dimensional software in advance to hit the light, and then render the scene of the light output to the map, and finally through the engine affixed to the scene, so that the object has a sense of light, but generally do understand the three-dimensional, rendering when the scene did not hit the light rendering is dark. Baking a lightmap is a very long time, and it is common for complex scenes to take several hours.

Specify the layer to which some gameobject are located, and then you can specify whether a light (ligght) is valid for gameobject of this layer. That is, in the same scene, Gameobject can be divided into different layers, the light can only be in some of the layers (gameobject) in effect (in the light of the culling mask to specify the layer to be irradiated).

Deferred Lighting is the time- lapse illumination , which is the rendering path with the highest fidelity illumination and shading. If you have a lot of real-time lighting , it's best to use delayed lighting. It requires a level of hardware support that is only available in Unity Pro and not supported on mobile devices.

Introduction of three-time illumination rendering methods in game engine (take Unity3d as an example) refer here ( Sdz2ywcj8y7t9glinjxnggkqelsqyqd61gp4kzngdsihym_ynhi0pe-molyqy1xsnuwvhzdzdmnccv3uab6i7q2k5hkxe3m0oqwu_0xq4z_)

You can switch the lights in the scene by checking or unchecking the light icon on scenes. Turning off lights reduces the consumption of system resources.

By setting the Lightmapping property of a light object to bakedonly, this light does not render in real time, thus reducing resource consumption.

103-alarm Lights

In light.intensity = mathf. Lerp(light.intensity, targetintensity, Fadespeed * time.deltatime); , the Mathf.lerp () function is used to produce a gradient effect. But when light.intensity and targetintensity are very close, the gradient is very slow , so the final test is to see if the values of the two variables are small enough To end this gradual process.

104-tag Management

The most common use of tag in unity is to find some (some) gameobject in the script. The tag in the script is a string, and in order to avoid spelling mistakes , it is recommended that each tag in the project be represented by a variable of const string and placed in a class for easy administration.

It's a good practice to put all the scripts in your Unity project under the Scripts folder and organize them well.

105-screen Fader

The smooth switching of scenes can be realized by using GUI Texture . Texture a black map to the GUI by smoothing its color between the color.clear and the .

106-game Controller

Game controllers can be used in a variety of situations, such as for calculating scores and for holding references to certain public resources.

107-CCTV Cameras

Lightprobe is a complementary function to lightmapping that allows dynamic objects to be exposed to light in baked scenes. The use of Lightprobe is based on the lightmapping to add some probe points to record the light source information. The more probes, the more obvious the effect is.

If you want to make a grid accept light from the detector system, simply tick the Meshrenderer component last lightprobes option.

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Stealth Video Tutorial Study notes (chapter I)

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