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Once upon a while, the user story was written into the classic sentence of user stories + acceptance conditions.
A sample of the following story is provided on the

As an executive, I want to is able to filter the dashboard by department so this I can isolate data by a specific departme Nt.

Acceptance Criteria:

Given the Executive Dashboard default view, when I select the Department drop-down, I has the ability to select a Specifi C Department to so is only that data throughout the dashboard.

Given the department Drop-down, when I Select a specific department, the entire dashboard filters to display only this DEP Artment data.

The above story text is the story of the classic sentence brought about by a sentence, added 2 GWT, tell the story of the taste appears relatively light.
The issues discussed are

"Hey Product Owner, does the Executive need to being able to multi-select several departments?"

How about grouping by division? "

 " Who can access the Executive Dashboard "

According to the author's narrative method (also known as storytelling, story telling), try to rewrite the above story to see two different methods of comparison. "This parenthesis is a description, not the content of the story"

Title:filter the dashboard by department
"Short story title facilitates Kanban presentation and communication"

As an executive, I want to is able to filter the dashboard by department so this I can isolate data by a specific departme Nt.

Start point:the Dashboard is shown
"Clear the starting point of the whole story and facilitate the subsequent storyline"
Happy/basic Steps:
"The next step is to achieve a successful story, to achieve the purpose of the story" executive select the Department drop-down system list all departments in Drop-down executive CH Oose a specific department the entire dashboard filters to display only that department data.
4.1 Department data is grouped by division (@furture, this tag means this is not included and will be considered in the future).

Sad/exception Steps:
"The following steps are the exception steps that may be encountered in the normal steps above, 3a means the 1th exception condition that occurs in the normal step 3rd step" 3a executive Choose departments by shift click or multi-selection, O Nly First department'll be choosen, or no response.

For who can access the Executive dashboard, this user story starts with dashboard is shown, so this issue is not within the scope of this user story, it should be in show Dashboard the story.

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