Sunflower Managed-End Login FAQ

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1, through the passport or Kwai code log in, why the connection server failed?
1. Please check whether the host has access to the Internet, sunflower clients can not work offline.
2. Run Telnet 443 to check that the server address is connected. If you cannot connect, it may be local firewall restrictions, such as some corporate networks may restrict access to the Internet, please contact your administrator to adjust the restrictions (see question 4), or use the proxy method to log in (see question 2); it may be the Sunflower server-side exception, please try again later, or contact us through

2, how to login through the proxy?
Sunflower Support HTTP and SOCKS5 agent, if you need to use agents, please enter the "Sunflower Configuration"-> "Settings"-> "Network connection", check "Enable Agent", set agent parameters. It should be noted that, when the agent is enabled, the Sunflower Master Access will not be peer-to-peer communication, may reduce the speed of access.

3, the sunflower icon has been flashing, display is logged in, but why has been not logged on?
Refer to question 1 to check whether the addresses listed in question 3 are accessible.

4, Sunflower clients need to connect which server address and port?
The following are the server addresses and ports that the client needs to connect to:

Address Port Type 443 TCP
* 443 TCP
* 3008 UDP

* is a generic domain name, representing any domain name, different versions of the Sunflower are connected to different servers, are currently using the, and, Subsequent versions are likely to use and as server addresses.

5, the sunflower selected the boot automatically start, but after the boot is the end of the control why has been offline state?
       1. Refer to question 3 to check that the network is normal.
       2. If the same Kwai code in another place, will be the original use of the Kwai Code of the client off-line, at this time users can choose to use a Kwai code to log in, or use a passport to log in.

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